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    Straight Male / 30

    Dear American Companies please stop hiring Chinese Fucktards to answer phone calls because nobody can understand a goddamn word they are saying. I mean it's bad enough when UPS sends calls to China and some fucktard who can't speak English costs customers money and their parcels because UPS are idiots and couldn't hire somebody who does speak English but now Pizza Hut is doing the same bullshit. What is it with these companies hiring these morons who have very poor to no English speaking skills what so ever and have no business answering a phone and are the reason companies lose both money and customers.

    This Chinese Fucktard was speaking way to fast and I could not understand a goddamn word coming from him when trying to order my Pizza. I tried to tell him a Large with Pepperoni, Sausage, Mushrooms and a side of Breadsticks and he acts like he can't understand a word that i'm saying and then he informs me the Pizza i'm trying to order is Carry Out Only and I get so pissed that I yell at him to go back to fucking Magic Wok you fucktard and hung the phone up and ordered from another Pizza Place.

    Number 1 Employees should be required to speak English when working for American Companies like UPS and Pizza Hut. Number 2 if I wanted to talk to some Chinese Person i'd call one of their restaurants and even then trying to order from them is like pulling teeth. Hey Chinese People SPEAK FUCKING ENGLISH before working in this country or you can get the fuck out of here because your taking our money and cause places like Pizza Hut and UPS customers to leave because of your rage inducing speaking skills. So let this be a lesson to these companies hire people who speak ENGLISH not fucking Chinese FUCKTARDS so that way you can earn both Money and Customers.

    By the way Dr. Ken Jeong is a talentless fucktard who is not one bit funny and he's just annoying and is stupid as fuck. Can we please deport that fucktard.

    Also Hong Kong deserves it's independence and may that Winnie the Poo looking dictator be assassinated already.

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    Hey dickhead what languages do you lot speak in all the countries you have invaded. I doubt you can even speak English properly.
    16 days ago
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    You’re an absolute disgrace. I hope Karma dry fucks your ass with a steel brush you fucking racist piece of shit.
    15 days ago

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