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    Straight Female / 32

    I've been fucking a really ugly guy on and off now for over a year. I'd never tell anyone I know or even be seen out in with him but the sex is amazing!

    He does anything I ask from sticking his tongue in my butt too sucking my toes. Why is the sex so good with him?

    He knows it's never going to be any more than me using him to make me cum ans he's happy with it.

    I love when he let's me ride his face he laps up my juices.

    Am I the only one who does this?

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    Nah, most of us guys have been fucking ugly sluts for years. Fuck em, fuck em off. Get another one...
    6 days ago
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    No you are not the only selfish person that only wants your needs fullfilled.
    6 days ago
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    Enjoy it but also be true to yourself why you're doing it.

    I fucked with a ugly guy fifteen years ago. Sex was amazing, but there was no future for us. Some people say it is pheromones but I don't know. All I know it was exciting as hell too just to hang around with him, and he was fun. Maybe it is to overcome your own fears of what your friends might think. For me it was that. I feel bad that I was so selfish because he was one of the good guys out there and I was just using him for my pleasure. Live and learn.

    I've had pity sex too, which is a whole other topic. It's not about selfishness although I feel nothing to those guys. Pity sex is more about helping, or being friendly to a guy who feel bad about himself. There's no future in that, and sometimes sex have been amazing.
    5 days ago

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