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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    When I was 13 I would frequently suck my uncle's cock. I loved every second of it and to this day love to blow older men.

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    Thatâs crazy young, how would a 13 year old think of that .
    14 days ago
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    Me too, started at 6. Definitely wasn't my idea, but I sure did love it!
    14 days ago
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    I started sucking cock with my cousins about 8 years old. Moved on to sucking off a best buddy. At 13, sucked off his dad one night while he was watching porn. Sucked a friend of his and him once. Loved being a cock sucker for all of them.
    14 days ago
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    At 16 I was with mom and dad heading home from ball game, we picked up a guy we knew, he and I were in the back seat, it was dark and I jacked him off, nobody ever knew.
    14 days ago
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    At me 14 my cousin 12 my Uncle caught me in the outdoor shower sucking his cock. [ was my turn to go first] I was so embarrassed yet turned on !
    Long story short I ended up getting sucked by My Uncle. WOW then I sucked his cock. My first man cock and cum.
    13 days ago
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    You never forget your first real man cock!
    13 days ago
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    OnceI starrted sucking cock, I can't stop. I now advertise for men to suck and to fuck me.
    Go to Silverdaddies, and search Ric Carter
    5 days ago
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    My best friend and I were sucking each other off at the age of 10 or 11. Always outdoors in the woods. We were 12 out in the woods naked sucking each other off and he told me he wanted to try fucking me. We talked about it and I let him fuck me and it was great. He fucked me again before we left and on the walk back to the house I had his cum in my ass. After that he and a few more of my friends fucked me for several years and very often.
    Sucking dick was pretty damn hot. I liked being on my knees with my hands on their smooth naked ass and their hands on my head fucking my mouth with their nuts pressed to my chin when they came. We all liked to swallow most of the time and they all liked to cum in my ass. 2HohEd
    3 days ago

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