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    Straight Male / 22

    My mom is always very proper and not given to doing anything wild or risqué. At the beginning of this last summer we went for a drive way out in the country and we stopped and hiked out to where there was a small stream. It was a beautiful natural setting, with green grass and bushes and trees.
    To my surprise my mom said how wonderful it would be and fun, to have our clothes off, and being quite practical about the issue of privacy saying how there was nobody around. I wasnât sure how serious she was being, but then she coaxed me and said, âOh, come on.â
    Before I knew it my mom was out of her clothes and I was taking mine off. I had never been this way with my mom, and there was that initial moment of awkwardness. That quickly passed and I watched my mom walk on the grass along the bank of the creek. She just kind of looked at me and smiled. All I could think of to say was, âI never knew that you liked to go barefoot.â
    That was basically how my mom and I started enjoying a nudist lifestyle. After that we started being quite casual and comfortable being nude around the house. It has been wonderful!

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    What a wonderful account! I experienced something almost the same with my mom when I happned to go into her house one day by the backdoor, like usual, and there she was - naked! Well, it all worked out and now I would have to say that we are definitely at home nudist!
    16 days ago
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    Is that all? Not progressing to more action?
    10 days ago

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