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    Straight Female / 40

    He is snoring. I am trying to get wet. Wish he would, from time to time, be rough with me, pinch my clit, spank my pussy, lick, bite and suck on my big pink nipples...I wish he would tie me, spread eagle and rub my clit until I hard, and then slip his big cock into my mouth and cum all over my face while finger fucking me as deep as he can.

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    In my marriage, it's the other way around. I'm the guy, she's asleep, and I want my Dick Sucked, along with anything else I can dream up.
    15 days ago
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    He sounds like a very luck man, just give him a few hints, men are afraid to let their wives know that they can be kinky, I try hard to let my wife know but she really has hang ups with most types of sex, you man has the keys to a sports car, let him know how fast your car will go!!!! Damn I wish my wife would drink what you are drinking,lol
    15 days ago

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