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    Straight Male / 31

    At the beginning of this last summer my mom, who is divorced, and I had sex. It was something that we both found enticing and appealing, and feeling daringly uninhibited enough, we managed to do it together.
    Since then we have now have sex maybe a dozen times. My mom is still a bit reluctant, and is more of the mind that if it just happens then it’s ok, and that we shouldn’t be too lustful in wanting. I would like for her to loosen up, and she has at moments. She has even riddenme, and said how she has to be really turned on to do something like that. But I will go over to her house and she will say how she isn’t sure if she wants to have sex, being very shy about it. A few times I did managed to talk her into it and she thoroughly enjoyed it, saying how relaxing and satisfying she finds this. I have told her how much I enjoy doing this with her, and that I am happy to anytime. But she always says that she feels guilty asking her son to have sex with her. I can only think that perhaps she will start to feel more confident and assured.

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    My mother, who is also divorced and has been from my father for eight years now, and I started having sex. We both find this tp be very enjoyable and satisfying. I think that it is just a matter of going with the fact that if it is something you both enjoy, then to be accetping of it. I imagine that your mom probably will loosen up. Just give her time It does sound like she enjoys it very much.
    15 days ago
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    My divorced mom was all for the two of us having sex, finding this fun and thrilling as well as an enticing thing to do with her son. I was the one who was a little reluctant in the beginning. The first time that I actually had my penis in my mom's vagina I was very nervous and slightly intimdated. Then I elarbed that I could just enjoy being sexual like ths with my mom. It all works out.
    15 days ago
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    I’d have to have a hot mom to have done that, lol but I’m kinky in most ways, only a few things I wouldn’t do, but not with my mom, might be open to doing yours or watching .....
    15 days ago
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    I've been fucking with my son, John, since I divorced six years ago. John's nineteen now,and not a day goes by that he doesn't fuck me at least twice. I love having his thick, creamy spunk inside me. I don't care if it's in my mouth ore pussy. I've come to realize that there's no sex as exciting as i****t. I feel deeply sorry for all those mothers who've never experienced it.
    11 days ago
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    Never had sex with my Mom but My Aunt and I damn sure had sex often. Every time My Uncle went out of town to work she would get me to come over and we used the excuse that I was helping her round their Ranch.
    The first time was pretty easy because my Aunt was a knock out back then and she picked up on me always looking at her and when we started to talk about it I just told her that I thought about her all the time and I even told her that she gave me a hard on all the time. We fucked that first time on the floor in their Den and we were up most of the night fucking and sucking.
    She was the first Woman I ever fucked in the ass. She asked me t and told me how much she liked it so I fucked her sexy hot ass and when I came in her tight asshole she went nuts. WE had anal sex often and she was a very hot sexy nymphomaniac. She wanted to fuck all the time and she could really suck a dick and loved to swallow cum and lick my asshole. I let her finger my asshole one time and after that she couldn't stop playing with my ass. She would have me lay face down naked and she would get between my legs and spend a very long time licking sucking fingering and using her tongue in my asshole and she liked to make me cum playing with my asshole.
    Her and I had wild ass kinky sex for abut 3 years and twice she asked me to bring a friend for the weekend and she took very good care of us both and she was a dirty little slut with two of us there and she made sure we were always hard and we had our young hard dicks in her all the time. She got us drunk one Saturday night and we were all naked in her bedroom and she had us so worked up that she got us to suck each other off while she watched and touched up all over and talked real hot and sexy to us.
    After that He and I started sucking each other off all the time and I talked him in to fuckin my ass one day and that started something that we still do today years later. My Aunt was one very hot sexy very well built nympho. She moved away after the divorce and I only had sex with her one other time after she came back to town and we went and had a few drinks then to a Hotel to fuck all night.
    10 days ago
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    I have been having sex with my aunt (48 yo) since I was in my late 20s. I love it - the mature thick pussy lips is a great joy to suck on - the color, smell and the juices - all are favorite to me. Whenever I meet her I get horny and my cock start throbbing hard, and she, I am sure, looking for prolonged foreplay leading to repeated fucks. OMG! I am hooked with her and cannot think of any other woman!!
    4 days ago

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