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    Straight Female / 30


    As a bright eyed 19-year-old law student, I was attracted to humanitarian causes. So, naturally, I did what most of us were doing back then....joined a cause. I interned at an NGO which was dedicated to human-rights issues. As an intern, my job was mostly grunt-work, organizing events, managing dumb paperwork or simply running errands. I did this in my free time of course. I stayed with them till I graduated from Law school.

    Now that I was 24, drowning in debt, I really needed 'more' out of my job. At the NGO, upon discussing this with a friend of mine who worked there, she told me, "would you like to be a part of the fundraisers? It pays much more." I was now interested. So, I asked her what the job was? I didn't know that by asking her that, I was gonna have to sign a pact of secrecy of some kind.

    Apparently, as a "fundraiser", my job was to mix with the crowds in the parties, go to the men (selected by the NGO) and flirt with them to get their money. I was an attractive, 24 y.o, slim, B-cupped, hazel eyed redhead who had just graduated from law school. So, naturally, I was gonna do some digging on this.

    So, here's the scoop! The NGO would be contacted by potential donors who would commit big bucks if they got a good lay at the parties. I agreed to do it!

    I've slept with more than 25 men in 5 years during my time with them. Most of them old, fat or balding middle aged rich guys. Sometimes we had to do what was known as a "pro-bone-o"...(yeah! I know...terrible name).. where I would fuck lawyers or some important men for their services or help to the NGO.

    I would dress in revealing clothes and go to parties. I'd approach the men who would already know what I looked like. Then I would sit and mingle with them or their friends. After that, I would be led by them to their hotel rooms and then they'd get to fuck me till the next day. I was always asked to insist on wearing protection, but there were times when some men refused or I never had a chance to have them put one on. Some men kept in touch with me after, and I would sometimes visit them for some more "relief" efforts and extra personal tips. I paid off my student loan in less than 3 years.

    I got married when I was 29. I met my husband at such a party. Well, he was in-charge of "entertainment" at one of these parties (which was code for making sure the old men got their pussies). We had a nice chat for a few hours before the party, after which I spent the night with a 60-year old donor from Zambia. The next morning, I had a shower with the client, breakfast in bed and a quickie with a creampie. After I left, I was escorted to my home by my would-be husband, who asked me out on a date the same day. This was the weirdest thing. I still had this old man cum inside my pussy, and this nerdy but good-looking guy, who knew exactly what I did was asking me out.

    I quit this job after I got married of course! Why not! My loans were payed, and I had managed to stay clean of STDs for so long. I decided not to push my luck anymore. We moved away, joined different jobs and are now starting a family soon. But sometimes, even in this happy life, I do often look back and crave for some dirty sex with dirty old moneybags! Well, who knows....I may discuss this with my husband one day!

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    i'd have done the same thing as him by asking you out on a date. the difference would be that i'd let you keep working if you wanted to!
    14 days ago

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