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    Straight Male / 52

    I'm 62, and these days, a very happy old man. My son married his wife 4 years ago. She is a beautiful 30 year old (now), with short black hair, perfect breasts and green eyes. My wife (65 y.o) and I don't have sex anymore. Haven't been having sex for the past 15 years now. Anyway, along comes my daughter-in-law. I immediately found myself a good company in her as she shared many interests with me, particularly our tastes in movies, music, alcohol and best of all...politics!

    Long story short, as my daughter-in-law and son began having problems in their marriage about a year after their wedding, she began frequenting my house often, to talk things out, vent and distract herself. I wasn't trying to seduce her, and probably, she wasn't doing any such thing either. But these visits brought us closer...really close....I mean, REALLY CLOSE!

    During our first time, we got piss drunk in the basement of my house, when my wife was upstairs, sleeping. We had drunk, sweaty sex in July, two years ago, and boy, was that something. The best July of my life...we fucked so many times- in my house, at her place, in a motel...

    We still have sex often. Very often actually, even after things between her and my son have improved greatly. I'm not a very good-looking man myself, and to think that someone like her would love fucking someone fat and old like me was beyond my wildest dream.

    We even almost got caught once. We were having sex in the guest bedroom at my son’s house in the afternoon, when he suddenly came back home early and knocked on the door. I answered the door, in a towel, sweaty with sex, while my daughter-in-law hid behind the door, naked. I told my son that I was exercising and that his wife was out running some errands. After he left, we locked the door again and continued having sex as my son went to the living room to watch a game. The very thought that while my son waited for his wife, I was pounding deep inside her tight hairy pussy, gets me so horny!

    She told me, that when she has sex with my son, they always wear a condom. But when we fuck, she never insists on one. That's why I'm a bit concerned, now that she is 8 months pregnant. She says that she is certain that the child is mine, and that she convinced my son into thinking that one of the condoms may have been defective when they had sex.

    I never did wear a condom when I had sex with my daughter-in-law. But up until a year ago, I never came inside her either. But since then, I always have. I can't explain what I feel about her. I love her a lot, but she reserves the married love for my son. Regarding me, she is honest though. She says that she has a sexual compatibility with me that she can never have with my son. There's love there too I guess....but its more like a sexual release. I don't care! I'm just happy for what I'm getting. More than happy actually!

    In March, I will welcome my grand-daughter into this world....(or should I say, my daughter?!)

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    I understand you enjoy having sex with a woman half your age. I am curious though about how you feel about making your son a cuckold. Is there ever any guilt during or after the act?

    Has she verbalized what it is that drives the sexual compatibility? Are you better hung? More stamina? Heavier cummer? More dominant?
    14 days ago

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