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    When I was 15 my mom and my aunt went out drinking. My aunt was staying at our place for a month or so. Dad was already gone for several years. She is 14 years younger than my mom and 12 years older than me. They came home drunk as can be, and were sitting on the couch drinking more. I heard them go to their bedrooms and I got up to turn off the TV after another 30 minutes of it blasting away keeping me awake. I looked in my moms room and she was in her bed, covers off to the side, skirt off, blouse open and panties off. I'd seen her pussy and ass many times, even her tits. She was out of it totally.

    I went to my aunts room and there she was in black satin panties, and nothing else. She was on her back with her legs off the side of the bed. I called to her, shook her to get her in the bed and no response. I grabbed her under the arms and was going to move her totally on the bed. She didn't stir at all. I was staring at the most wonderful pair of C cup tits ever. Nice big nipples and that area around them, all in a pink color they stood out from the rest of her tit making a cone. They were just begging to be sucked. I stopped and touched one, then both, then grabbed both tits with my hands and she didn't move. I played with them and sucked them for about 10 minutes. Then my hands found her panties. I pulled them down and out a bit to see her brown landing strip and her pussy. I grabbed her pussy on the outside of her pants and started rubbing. She moved a bit and I stopped, then realized she was just reacting, not really conscious. So I rubbed her and laid on top of her and kissed her. I loved the smell of her perfume, it was so sexy. I was lying on top of her beautiful tits, playing with her pussy and kissing her beautiful face.

    I didn't intend to fuck her, I just wanted to jack off and shoot on her tits or on her pussy, then clean it off. So I took off her panties and dropped them on the floor. I pulled my shorts down to my thighs and touched my boner to her pussy lips. I spread them and moved the head up and down inside her outer lips. She was getting really wet and I took a taste with my tongue. She stirred again, but she was out. I intended to only stick it in her to just feel what a pussy was like on my cock. I left it inside her for less than a minute thinking about what I was doing and that my cock was feeling an actual pussy, I was inside a womans', not a girls', pussy. I was so excited as I was pulling out I came. That made me push back in hard, and she stirred again. I stayed inside her till I went soft, lying on top of her again, my cock in her pussy, her tits beneath my chest, kissing her and smelling her. When I pulled out finally, I couldn't see any of my sperm leaking out of her so I put her panties back on her and left her like I found her - with one major addition; my sperm inside her pussy. I'd just fucked my aunt and she didn't know it.

    A week later and she was back with her boyfriend in their apartment, and a couple weeks later she was having a hushed discussion with my mom. All I heard was to wait and see if she was just late or missed. She'd missed her period. She was pregnant, she, my mom, her boyfriend all thought it was his. It may have been his I guess, but I think her baby is mine. Everyone talks about how my baby picture look just like him.

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