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    Straight Female / 25

    I have a fantasy about being a slave girl in a poor farmhouse and being passed around by the Masters 6 boys.

    I have a lot of raceplay fantasies...

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    I have to ask, are you black? If you are, have you had sex with a white man?

    Do your fantasies include a lot of verbal degradation? Getting knocked up?
    12 days ago
  • 2
    To #1, yes I am black and yes I exclusively have sex with white men.

    My fantasies definitely include verbal degradation. Not really getting knocked up but Iâm open to the idea in fantasy
    12 days ago
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    Would Getting gangbanged by a bunch of white guys be one of your fantasies? Being held down and forcibly fucked by eight or ten men who make it plain you're just an object to massage their cocks and collect their cum?

    Have you ever had sex with a black man? If so, what is it about white guys that you find so attractive you're willing to let them use you as they wish? Is a lot of it mental? Knowing that your friends would lose their collective shit if you ever admitted you like being dominated by white guys and used like a slave?
    12 days ago
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    Yes, that would be my number one fantasy. But they would have to be appreciative of me at the same time. Talk about how much they love fucking my black ass.

    I have never fucked a black man. A lot of it is mental, yes definitely. I feel guilty but I love the idea of being a slave abused by white men. I think Iâm just a natural submissive..
    11 days ago
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    I would love to chat privately with you about your fantasy. I am a older white male. That loves to fuck young pussy. If interested, email me






    Put black pussy in subject line
    6 days ago

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