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    Straight Male / 51

    My father died of lung cancer many years ago and I sure miss him. After he died it was my responsibility to deal with all of his stuff. He had bins of photos from his entire life so naturally I went through them and scanned them to save them forever.

    My jaw dropped when I came across an envelope with dozens of nude pictures of my wife. How the hell did he get these? I took the pics so how did he get them? I thought back and realized he had a key to my apartment for years and years as we lived in the same subdivision. My father clearly had gone into my apartment and searched for these pics, took them home, scanned them and kept a copy for himself.

    This means for about the last 10 years of my father's life he was masturbating to nude pics of my wife. I had pics of her on a topless beach in Greece and on Haulover Beach down near Miami. I had pics of her with my cum all over her tits and dripping out of her pussy. Holy shit. My father was looking at these for years without my knowledge.

    I have mixed feelings about this but obviously it is a bit of a turn on.

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    I found out few years ago that my ex wife and my dad had fucked at least several times. I found his notes. Ex wife and me had divorced years before I found it out and it makes me horny to think about it. I wish I would had known about them then.
    12 days ago

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