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    Bi-Sexual Male / 32

    I am 32, married with 3 kids. When I was in my early teens two of my cousins and I (they were brother and sister) used to strip and play with each other. Eventually it led to me fucking him, and it felt great. Then after I'd fucked him a few times, two days later I fucked her in her ass with him watching and egging us on. We were afraid of pregnancy so we didn't fuck her pussy. She was a year younger than us and this continued in various forms. Her parents told her she couldn't date until she was 18, but she could have boys over to the house. However; with me since we're cousins she could go out to movies with me and go driving around with me. Sometimes her brother was with us, other times not. It didn't curtail our sexual exploits and he was watching when I popped her cherry in the back seat of my car. She wouldn't let him fuck her, but did suck him, and one time at my urging let him put it in her pussy but not move around, not actually fuck her. I said he should know what pussy felt like. At least I was getting pussy, ass (from both) and sucked. A couple years later at college I met a girl who was a couple years older than I, divorced with no kids. We started dating, and fucking, and before I married her I finally got her to give up her asshole. All through this educational time in my life I always gave my cock in the ass, never took it, always got sucked but never sucked cock, but LOVE licking pussy.

    Fast forward, I'm spending a month on business in a city in Europe well known for hash bars, and libertine sexuality, and on the 4th day I go into a bar near my temporary apartment. Guys are patting me on the back, speaking English, and buying me drinks. Pretty drunk, a guy takes me out on the dance floor and starts slow dancing with me and I realized it was a gay bar. It just didn't dawn on me up till then. However; I didn't resist. I didn't resist when he put his hands down the back on my jeans and start rubbing my bare ass. I didn't resist when he pulled out 8 inches of thick cock and put my hand on it out on the dance floor. I didn't resist when he opened my button at the top of my jeans and pulled the down in back so everyone saw my ass and his hands all over it, nor the finger that went up my asshole.

    Back at his place, the first thing he did was show me a very recent medical test for STD's. None present. I sucked him and swallowed, just like my wife and my cousin did me so much. He recouped quickly and was kissing me as he placed a lot of lube on my ass, and after a while I was on my back with his cock in my hands, and three fingers fucking me. He gave me the lube, and I lubed his cock and within 10 minutes I had 8 thick inches of cock up my ass. He moved very slow at first, I got used to it and he started rocking in and out of me. We were on our sides, spoon position with him behind me playing with my nipples, my lips, and my cock as he's fucking me. Because he'd come before in my mouth, he fucked me for over 45 minutes before he came again. This time shooting his sperm deep inside me. We had a couple of drinks, and I asked if he wanted me to leave. His answer was that he wasn't through fucking yet. He did have one more go in him, this time I was on my back, my legs wrapped around him while he fucked me missionary. Again it took over 45 minutes of that thick cock opening up my formerly virgin asshole. I couldn't believe how empty I felt, how alone, and quite frankly somewhat ashamed after he was through and pulled out of me.

    I slinked home with two loads of cum in my ass, no underwear; we couldnt' find them in the bed clothes, and I was missing having a cock inside me. I looked at myself in a passing window at 2am and realized I was swishing in my walk home. I didn't care, I didn't mind anyone seeing me and thinking I was gay, nor if I was gay and had just been fucked. I keep thinking of how it felt when my cock was in my boy or girl cousins ass, or my wifes ass, and realizing that I felt what they felt and feel. My male cousin is in the closet but he is gay still, other than the time I made her take his cock inside her pussy, he's never fucked a girl. I have 4 weeks more here, and I'm gonna keep getting fucked and sucking as much as I can. I enjoy being the woman in a male/male relationship, I enjoy having a man use my body for his pleasure, I love being fucked!

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    At 16 and being a small built white boy, I never felt like being a girl to another boy, but one afternoon a younger black boy got his dick in my ass. After that I loved being a bitch for hard dick.
    14 days ago
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    Iâm married now for many years a few years ago I gave my manhunt to a mid 30âs black man with a nice thick 9â cock, I so enjoyed his big cock on my mouth, I did almost Mack him cum be fore he pushed me back wanting my ass, first he had me get on all fours on the bed, he tried entering me slowly, but it hurt so bad, finally he lay on his back and had me slide down on his thick big black cock!!!
    It was much easier on me to go at my own speed and let my c**t open at its own speed!!
    I rode him and he fucked me so perfect, when he came in me, I lost it and shot rope after rope of cum on him, but the first shot went in his hair!!!!!!
    13 days ago

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