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    Bi-Sexual Male / 49

    When I was about 11 years old I spent the night with my first cousin from another town, he was less than a year younger than me, we really didn’t know much about sex, I had played with myself while checking out my dads dirty magazines
    I don’t remember how we got started but I do remember he is uncut and it fascinated me, we touched each other’s cocks and balls, even today a remember putting my head under the cover and taking him in my mouth,
    I went on to be married and over the years played with men from time to time, letting them suck me off!
    Was till many years later I decided to try giving head and letting men fuck me, I think it’s more about being submissive than even the gay sex acts, I saw him again for the first time in over 40 years last year, and no we didn’t mention it or even give a hint the either one remembered, but I do!!!!

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    When I was young, I too used to fool around with a couple of cousins. I loved sucking their cocks and balls and even let one of the fuck me. Through the years I've sucked off other guys and fucked a couple and got fucked by them.
    About a year ago I ran into my cousin. We chatted over drinks then he brought up what we used to do. That night in my motel room, I sucked his cock several times and let him fuck me in the shower in the morning. He told me I am a damn good cock sucker and so is he. I guess we never really change.
    3 days ago

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