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    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    This is my follow up to 45872.
    Sex with my elderly Italian widow.
    The old girl calls in more regularly know, the wife does not suspect a thing, she is always saying could you please go and help Sophie move something or dig something. I try acting like its an inconvenience. Then head out the door as my Cock starts it's journey upwards. By the time I'm standing st her door I'm fully hard and she always answers the door naked or with a towel around her big tits. When I'm inside I get naked. Ive trimmed her Kunt with scissors and shaved her bald. Looks way better now and as long as she has douched I love eating her out.
    My wife always praises me for helping her, and i usually say it's my pleasure love to help her out or something like that. Now I cut her grass as well then we shower together when done, she loves soaping up my big Cock and i really love soaping up her Huge fricken Boobs. If I have a day off as soon as the wife goes to work I'm over there, we both get naked and just sit and watch telly as she strokes and sucks my Cock. I love fucking her to, mostly doggy, she likes it in her ass as well. I love cupping a hand full of her big jugs while I'm ploughing her.
    Today as we were sitting naked on the lounge I heard something at the door. I jumped up to check, as soon as I got to the hallway I thought shit I'm naked, it was too late her sister was standing there with some groceries just staring at my hardening Cock.
    Oh oh, i thought. Then Sophie walks in next to me, and they have a heated argument in Italian. I just slipped back into the lounge room and started getting dressed real quick. No no no said her sister Mary. What the hell you been doing here huh. I was lost for words Sophie is still speaking Italian to her as Mary now starts undressing right in front of us, next thing I see is 2 naked old lady's
    standing side by side they were kinda shoulder pushing each other I had No idea what they were saying to each other, Mary was 5 years younger and built about the same both stood there huge tits bouncing around as they shoved each other looking at me like it was a contest. I just put my hands up, woo woo stop, i said. Mary said in a threatening manner if you Fuck my sister you can Fuck me to. My husband still alive but never give me
    sex. Ok you Fuck me too or I tell your wife ok. I sat back on the lounge spread my legs and said can you suck Cock, better than this old one, pointing to Sophie. Ok if you can get me hard again I Will Fuck you too. Sophie sat down next to me as Mary pushed her jugs into my face while grabbing my Cock with her cold hands. I was getting hard again Sophie was trying to kiss me as Mary licked my hot knob before engulfing me with one stroke. She looked up stopped and said you like, Oh yes here we go again. The Italian granny sex sisters were loose. What a hot afternoon.

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