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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Male / 42

    I found out my 46 year old wife was whoring out her tits. My wife kind of goes along with me in getting involved with others. I get off seeing her big saggy breasts groped and cum blasted. We been married a long time. She lets me abuse her huge hanging tits at times, knowing it was a fetish of mine.
    Recently when my boss let me go home early I caught my wife doing something I never expected of her. I walked around the house looking for her. I decided to look out the kitchen window into the back yard. I was amazed seeing her sitting on the bench with her top off and her huge tits hanging over her bra. There stood a boy in his late teens or 20'ish of age groping and feeling her tits, half her age. I was interested on what will happen. He undid his pants exposing his hard on. My wife began to massage his boner. The sight of this gave me a boner which I started to stroke while looking on. He pulled out his cock and she began tugging it as he played with her breasts. He started to rub his dick across her tits. She held up her breasts as he started whacking off his meat to shoot a load on them. He gave her a big load all over her tits. Then I saw her take the money he offered her. She had a wash rag on the bench which she used to clean her tits. I went into the bathroom and shot my load into the toilet.
    I didn't say anything when she came into the house. "You're home early, hun" she said. That weekend a knock came on the door and my wife answered it. I heard the person say "Bill told me about you." "Shhhh !! My husband is home and I don't show on weekends." and she shut the door. My wife came back into the kitchen. "Show what Peggy? Your tits." Then I confessed to her on what I seen the other day when I came home early. She admitted she whores out her boobs for extra money and won't do it anymore. "Please don't stop, I enjoyed watching you with the young guy and you're making fun money for us." Then I told her Saturdays would be best so I could watch her tits played with and groped by young horny guys in the back yard while looking out the window. "Would they pay extra for a blow job?" I asked. "A few offered me more money if I sucked their dick and I refused." I told her not to refuse and suck their dicks for my kinky pleasure.
    My wife started to spread the word she's giving a cum blast party on a certain Saturday. I would be filming it and they could buy the video. That was the most kinky thing my wife did for me because she let me have her tits bounded and had the boys slap it.

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