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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 34

    Happened when I was 14 and being baby sat by my best friends older sister. It was just she and I canât remember why but she was my regular sitter. She was 2 years older than me long curly blonde hair, a bit of an over bite but being corrected with braces, large breasts for her frame, about 5.3, and a nice but she worked hard for and caught me on multiple occasions staring at. She knew I had massive crush on her. On this particular evening she gave me my first smoke and asked if I had ever kissed a girl. I was embarrassed but told her the truth, âno but I have kissed a few boysâ. I blushed so hard Iâd never confessed that to anyone. Her eyebrows went up,âwanna see if thereâs a difference and which youâd prefer?â My heart was in my throat as you can imagine. I guess it was all over my face she leaned in taking the back of my head in her hand and we just went into a deep kiss. By the time she let go Iâd pitched a tent that was getting kinda painful. I tried to shift so she wouldnât see. To my surprise she grabbed my belt undoing it and my pants releasing my throbbing cock. By no means am I big. Slightly over average at best. I sighed with relief but felt really exposed. She took hold of it and my hair bringing me back into a kiss. My head was swimming as she slowly stroked me and pulled my hair. I was making a mess with all my precum. That I drip copious amounts and Iâve always been embarrassed by. She on the other hand thought it was hot and said so. I was getting a bit more eager reached under her shirt and fondled my dreams. Thankfully she just took off the bra and shirt evening out the nudity much to my delight. âI expected you to cum quickly little boy.â
    âYea umm I jerked off three times today.â
    âJesus you got anything left for me?â
    âNo idea we may have to work for it.â
    With that she went to her knees and for the first time my cock was in a mouth that didnât belong to me. (Yes, I was able to get half my dick into my mouth and yes Iâd suck myself off)
    My knees went to jelly and I had to sit down she leaned back as I got comfy and lit a smoke handed it to me and went back to work.
    I was in heaven to say the least after 15 minutes she sat on my leg and we burned another one. âOk ahole you think you could last that long fucking me?â
    Trembling I replied as cool as I could, âhave no ide Iâve never done it but your mouth is amazing. You really gonna take my vCard or are you teasing me?â
    âOhh that card is BBC as good as mine bitch.â She growled standing and dropping her jeans showing me her panties that were obviously soaked. At the time I didnât really know that was a good thing. She pulled them aside and sat on my cock.i slid in no problem I heard her breath catch and my head went swimming in the pleasure of the moment it was fucking amazing, she just rocked a moment as we finished smoking. I was thankful for the slow intro. Her snatch was so tight and I was moaning not giving a fuck.
    âYou warm me if youâre about to cum alright thatâs the deal.â
    âI promise but please donât stop this is amazing. Will you tell me if your about to cum? I mean if you know I can help you with that...â
    âI doubt itâll happen but know this feels really good to me anyway. Iâve only gotten off fingering myself.â
    âWell please try and use me like you know how ever you need.â
    âOhh you gonna be my little boy fuck toy?!â At this point she was riding rougher and gasping. I was hoping this was a good sign.
    âIâll be whatever you want... but I didnât think Iâm that little.â
    &acir c;Well your cock is bigger than my boyfriendâsâ. Her gasps were getting shorter and her voice was trembling.
    Holy shit she was cheating and I was getting fucked for the first time my mind was leaving the moment which sucked on one hand likely slowed my own orgasm.
    âIâd be begging for your attention if you were my gf. Iâd never stop touching and kissing you. Fuck your c**t is the best thing Iâve ever felt and I think itâs getting tighter.â
    She stepped up the pace a little and responded, âholy shit Iâve fucked two grown men and a little boy is going to give me my first orgasm.â Her words were barely intelligible but her body went rigid and I thought she peed on me. I had something dripping off my balls and down my crack. I was confused but she was gasping and I thought she was having a seizure.
    âHoly fuck you made me cum little boy!â
    âAre you ok? You made yourself cum Iâm just kinda your tool.â I was truly terrified and kinda grossed out.

    âUmm yes Iâm amazing! You just made me squirt. Best orgasm ever buddy. You didnât cum inside me did you?!â
    âNo maâam but my balls are starting to ache and I think Iâm close.â
    âHmm I like you calling me that.â
    She slid off of me with a pop. I was sad but my balls really were aching. She sucked my cock down again then all the way out.
    âI donât normally do this but I want you to fuck my mouth and make yourself cum ok?â
    âYes, Maâam. You want me to cub in your mouth?â
    âYes, now do it.â
    I donât know what it was about her authority and orders but I was on my feet with my hands on her hair slamming my dick into her mouth.loved hearing her gag and cough just encouraged me to do as ordered. I didnât last but two minutes before my balls finally got relief. She choked on my cum and it came out her nose and all over her chin and shirt.
    I nearly blacked out.
    âFuck boy I thought it would be a small load!â
    â Iâm sorry you just really turn me on and I donât know. Iâm sorry.â She just laughed as she cleaned herself up.
    âNo boy that was good. Iâm gonna use you as much as I want is that clear?!â
    âY es, maâam but I really didnât do anything till the end and you didnât sound like you liked that part.â
    â Youâll do as I tell you. Youâre gonna be my living breathing duck doll. We are gonna experiment with everything I want. Is that clear?! Your gonna do what I say when I say it. Youâre only gonna cum when I tell you you can.â At this point she was starting to freak me out and turn me on I was a little confused.
    âAs you wish Maâam.â I knew princess bride was her favorite book but Iâd only seen the movie.
    She winked lit two smokes for us.
    This was only the beginning Iâll be happy to tell a few more adventures if yâall want.

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