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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 19

    This all started a few months ago, my sister best friend practically lived with us, and she is smoking hot, she’s only 12, but very well developed, she’s 5’2” tall about 110 pounds and has a nice little round ass, her tits are about a 30 b cup and pretty pink nipples that are perky, anyway, I awoke in the middle of the night and found her lying on the couch in our den, all she had on was a really big T-shirt, no bra, and no panties, the way she was laying I had a clear view of her beautiful little shaved pussy, I decided I wanted to see her beautiful tits, so I slowly worked her shirt up until her tits were fully exposed, I was wearing boxers and pulled my dick out the front of them, my dick is above average, pushing 8” and as thick as a banana, I started stroking myself looking at the little beauty in front of me, I shot my load all over her tits and some accidentally got on her face, a big rope of cum went across her mouth, nose and her eye, I was worried about how I was going to clean up my mess without waking her up, I got a towel and began wiping my cum off her tits, she squirmed a little bit so I stopped, as I was cleaning her face she awoke, a little freaked out and asked what I was doing, I tried to think of something to say but she rubbed her face and said what’s on my face, I was nervous now, then she realized she was fully exposed and my dick was hanging out of my boxers, she actually giggled and asked if I was jacking off on her, at first I said no, but she tasted my cum and knew what I had done, I was afraid she was going to tell on me but instead she said she wanted me to fuck her little pussy, so I did, she was sucking me hard again, I looked down and saw some of my cum in her hair and was throbbing hard, she told me she wasn’t a Virgin but my Dick was the biggest she ever saw, I rubbed her little c**t to make sure she was wet, she was soaking wet, I pushed my cock in her warm tight pussy about half way in I stopped to keep from cumming to soon, she was rubbing her clit yawing her legs to pull me in deeper, slowly I went deeper and began my out stroke, I very slowly started fucking her tight hole went I felt her orgasm hard, and loud, I covered her mouth as she continued to moan and thrust her hips at me, I finally plunged as deep as I could and started slamming her pussy she said don’t cum inside my, she asked me to cum In her mouth, it was too late, I pumped her pussy full of cum and colander on top of her, after a couple of minutes my dick slipped out of her dripping pussy, she got up and ran to the bathroom, when she came back she said she wasn’t on birth control and I shouldn’t have came in her, I told her I would get her a morning after pill, she agreed and said how many more times did I want to cum in her tight pussy, I ended up cumm 3 times in her pussy, after we were done we went to bed. The next day my mom was complaining that the den had a weird smell, all I could do was smile and say the dog must have done it. I have fucked this little girl every night, I have cum in every hole, she loves to swallow but she wasn’t too keen on me fucking her ass, now we’re dating but nobody can know.

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