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    My mom and dad divorced each other four years ago. Mom and I spent a lot of binding time after the divorce. She put some extra weight on her making her boobs even bigger. She would go braless at times around the house. Her tits really hung over her belly and shook about. Then one evening when I came home she been drinking a bit much. She dropped something and made a mess. She was braless and as she bent over to clean the mess her boobs dangled and almost touch the floor. "You could sweep the floor with your boobs mom." and I laughed. "Not so funny if you had to carry around these heavy mega hangers all day!" as she exposed them to me. They was huge, they was big enough to hold a worlds record. I took a picture of them with my smart phone. "I hope you're not going to show them to others." I told her I was going to put the picture as a wallpaper on my computer.
    "I'll let you do that on one condition." she said. "What's that mom?" I replied. She answered by saying we have to go into the bedroom and give her oral sex. She's tired of her toys and hasn't had oral sex since dad left. The thought of eating that fat pussy disgusted me. "No way!" I said and she took my smart phone and deleted the picture.
    As time went by my mom began to bribe me by teasing me with her tits, telling me she'll jerk me off onto her tits, give me head and deep throat me. She kept begging for oral sex from me. Then one evening she was passed out in bed with her toys spread all over the bed. I felt her breasts, rubbed her belly and fingered her a bit. My cock began to stiffen and I pulled it out and began to rub her nipples with it while fingering her. To my surprised she grabbed my cock and tugged it. She pulled it close to her mouth and sucked it. She wasn't really awake. She was still partially out. She stopped and just laid there. I placed my head between her tits and tried to cover it with her mega breasts. I felt her hands pushing me down over her belly and pressing my face into her kitty. "Eat me! or your out of this house!" she blurted out. She was awake now. I opened her slit exposing a big clit that was stiffened up. "Lick it!" she yelled. As I was licking it she was blurting words out and her juices began to flow. Her kitty wasn't so bad tasting as I thought. In fact I shot my load out onto the bed while sucking her off. I felt her shake and sort of released the tension in her body. I knew she orgasmed.
    As long as I do oral on her, she goes along web camming with me and having me cum blast her those mega tits.

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