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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 21

    When I was 17 I was dating a girl from school, we had been dating a couple of months. Her parents went out of town and left her home with her 12yo sister, I went over to hang out and watch movies, after her little sister went to bed we started drinking liquor and got drunk, anyway later I was sitting on the couch naked and my girlfriend was sucking my dick, I looked up and saw her sister watching, I tried to stop my girlfriend but she kept going, I shot my load and she swallowed, she got up and I got dressed, I had to sleep on the couch so her sister wouldn’t tell their parents we slept together, I awoke to my dick being sucked, I told my girlfriend I knew she wanted more, she sucked me for about 10 minutes, I grabbed her hair and blow my load down her throat, after she was done she turned on the lamp and I was shocked to see it was her little sister, she asked if I really thought she was my girlfriend, I said yes, she said she sucks all her sister boyfriend, I was the 3rd guy, I was really turned on and asked if she was a Virgin, she said yes, but she was ready to lose it, I popped her cheery filled her little hairless pussy, me and my girlfriend have long since broke up, but I continued to hookup with her little sister until I went away to college.

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