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    Straight Female / 32

    I went to go try on clothes in the fitting room and left my dress as I went to try on clothes and then after I went to try on another outfit some man walked out of my Dressing Room and was WEARING MY DRESS. I was completely horrified as I called for assistance from a Walmart employee and showed the man modeling in the store with my dress on and they called Security. After Security showed up the Pervert took off my dress and began running through Walmart in his underwear and I was even more grossed out than I already was as Security chased the Pervert out of the store. I put my dress back on and left the store completely freaked out I really hope they catch that pervert who wore my clothes in Walmart. Next time you go to try on something in the fitting rooms make sure some creep doesn't sneak in to try on your clothes.

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    I think the first pervert was you, or as some would say, fucking skag.
    12 days ago
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    Or you could be the pervert who tried on my dress if I ever see you in the fitting room again i'll mace you.
    12 days ago

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