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    Well my girlfriend's Aunt Diane and I continued fucking long after her condo was renovated. This all started when I was 24 and the girlfriend turned in to a prude. We went from fucking daily to once a month if I was lucky and get the odd blow job or hand job. She never really had an answer for me when I asked but I eventually discovered the issue behind this. So as an outlet for my needs I set my eyes on Aunt Diane as she was living right next door, sexy as hell and a fantastic person. We made a regular habit of fucking by using the fitness room and pool areas at the building none of which my girlfriend Lisa frequented. We would fuck wherever and whenever we could.

    Around Christmas of 2017 Lisa & Diane were out shopping when Lisa confided that she longer loved me and in fact had been fucking a guy she worked with for about 8 months. I'm not going to lie and when I was told I was shocked, hurt and pissed off to be honest. I continued on living there knowing, planning and pretending all was good early in to 2018 when I left after saving and borrowing some money from my parents for a down payment on a house. It was an odd feeling after being with her for almost 7 years but I've gotten over that now.

    As for Diane she rented out her condo and moved in with me in the Fall of 2018. No one knew about us at the time including my closest friends whom we have told we met through work years prior and were friends until I moved out. Diane hadn't told any of her family about us but her daughter Jen would eventually be brought up to speed. I mean it is hard to not invite her over but we have made sure that I'm away for work when she has visited. For awhile I remained a mystery man and she was told that I would meet her someday. My parents don't even know who she really is but I know things are good when my Mom approves of her.

    Diane first broke the news to her daughter that Christmas and at first she was stunned when told. Her and Lisa were never close and she always felt Lisa was stuck up like her Mother. Jen had always liked me and didn't like the way Lisa handled things during our break up. She admitted it was odd and a little weird but was happy for her Mom and I. Things progressed nicely from that point forward which included a move to a city 1 1/2 hours away from everyone we knew.

    In September of 2019 Diane and I welcomed a baby boy in to the world which has been the most greatest moment of my life. We don't see any of her brothers or sisters which are aware of our relationship but I leave that for Diane to decide if and when she is ready to rekindle. I believe it is a shame that there is little to no contact but maybe one day that will change. As for Lisa I have no idea what she is up to and I have no hard feelings towards her.

    Life is filled with unexpected twists and turns and in my case I followed my heart to get to a place where I am so very happy.

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