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    Bi-Sexual Male / 49

    This is a story I thought I would never be able to share with anyone.
    A few years ago I meet a much younger man on a hook up site, my wife was away and I invited him to my home,
    Once I open the front door and he stepped in with a big smile on, I was impressed with his looks and body,
    We introduced our selves and he came closer, I dropped to my knees only a few feet from the opiate glass front door and undid his belt and shorts, they dropped to the floor and he had no underwire on, ummmmm
    I took him in my mouth and it was so good, in a few moments he was moaning and pushing me back.
    He said these words( do you fuck)?...
    I said yes even though I had only a few times,I just couldn't help but say yes!
    That day I came from being fucked hands free!
    I caught the cum in my hand to keep from cuming on my pool table I was leaning against!!,
    I wanted to go clean my cum off my hand but he told me no!!!
    Then told me to lube his cock with my cum...OMG he put me on all fours and fucked another load out of me...
    I had never let a man cum inside of me, but he filled me up...
    , he came to me many times, each time was amazing..
    One day he told me he had a surprise for me
    As soon as he came in I took him in my mouth, but soon he said go to the tub and get on my knees, he had been drinking tons of water, that day he taught me how submissive I really was, I drank so much piss from his cock!
    I would have ever done anything like this, but him being motor dominant left me no choice and I would tell anyone that can find someone to do this with should, it was the single hottest sex act of my life, I only wish I had someone today to force me on a regular basis🙀🙀🙀

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