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    Bi-Sexual Male / 35

    I knew I was bisexual at a young age (12), I sucked my first cock and he was black, I loved the way it felt feeling him squirting his warm creamy load down my throat, he didnât want to suck my dick but let me fuck him in the ass, I shot my load deep in his ass , moving on, last night my wife brought home 2 black guys, and they were down for whatever, I asked my wife what she wanted, she said each guy had to blow their first load in my mouth before she fucks either one, we all got naked and I went for the biggest dick I have personally put in my mouth, he was 11 inches hard and very very thick, I could hardly get it in my mouth without my teeth dragging, so I lightly sucked the head while my wife stroked his long shaft, felt him throbbing and knew he was close to cumming, I pulled back and my wife jacked him off he sprayed cum everywhere, most of it in my mouth down my chin, I cleaned his beautiful cock off and started on the other guy, he was big, about 8 inches hard but not very thick, I easily deep throated him, by now Iâm laying on my back with my head hanging over the edge, my wife is sucking my cock and me huge cock is pounding her tight pussy and the other guy is fucking my mouth, he buried his cock deep in my throat and blasted the largest load I have ever taken in my mouth, I gulped 3 times to swallow it all, I shot my load in my wifeâs mouth and mr huge cock blew his load deep in my wifeâs pussy, which I cleaned up. We all took a break and smoked a bluntness I watched as they took turns fucking my wifes ass and pussy.

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    I can only wishð¿
    5 days ago
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    Sounds fun to me
    5 days ago

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