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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 21

    My 13yo stepsister and I shared a bathroom, we each had our own door, one day I was in the bathroom and noticed her door was open a little, looking through the mirror I could see her completely naked laying on her bed with a big dildo in her shaved pussy, she was wearing herself out, Iâll admit she is pretty hot and very well developed, I was turned on and getting hard, I pulled out my cock and started stroking it, Iâm 17, and fully hard Iâm almost 8 inches and kinda thick and curved like a banana, as I was stroking I noticed that she was watching me, embarrassed I ran out of the bathroom into my room, she walked into my room naked as I zipped my shorts, she said she wanted my cock, she unzipped my shorts and pulled them down revealing my rock hard cock, she put it in her mouth and started giving me the most amazing head, after a few minutes she got on my bed on her hands and knees and presented her little bald pussy to me , I walked up and pushed my cock in her soaking wet pussy and fucked her hard and deep, she was grunting and moaning I buried my dick deep inside her tight pussy and unloaded a huge nut, I shot 6-7 squirts of cum in her and withdrew my limp cock out of her , with my cum dripping from her pussy she reached down and scooped my cum up and put it in her mouth, then turned around and took my cock in her mouth and proceed to clean it up, thatâs when her mom knocks on my door and before I could say anything she opened it and came in, here we were, my cum dripping from her daughter pussy and my dick in her mouth, she kept on sucking while her mom watch I blew my load in her mouth and all her mom said was from now on lock your door when we were going to play together.

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