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    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    This might be gross but for those who have had a similar experience they will get it. Last weekend I spent the night with a guy I met in a bar. In the morning when I got up to go to the john he jumped up and said he wanted to shower with me before I went. He then proceeded to fuck me with a full anus until he ejaculated. I emptied out in the shower as he sprayed hot water over my thighs and butt. I loved the whole experience. Then we went back to bed all squeaky clean and he fucked me again.

    #45869 — Comments (3) — Feb 8, 2020 at 2:42 PM — That's Juicy! (28) Remove It.
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    Not at all. My partner I am have anal sex in the shower first thing in the morning often. Love the feeling of entering his full anus.
    12 days ago
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    I have a big dick and anal sex is a bit of a lottery...sometimes she is clean, sometimes I go too deep and get all gooey...what that fuck?
    11 days ago
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    Like you are the only one who has been fucked with an anus full of poop? seriously?
    11 days ago

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