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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    While one of my Wife's friend had to stay back at our residence to attend

    an interview the next day in our city I too chanced upon peeping her bath

    and had a good view of her pussy at a closeup range. My wife was in the

    kitchen cooking and our guest room had no attached bath, so this gorgeous

    friend had to use the bathroom of the drawing room which is not visible

    from the kitchen side. As this friend entered the bathroom and closed the

    door I was ready at the keyhole. The view was just from the belly button

    to loins. Removing her panty and wearing the panty after bath was clearly

    visible. Her downside was little plump and had small hairs around her

    belly also. Interesting the pubic hair was running in a straight line up

    to her belly button. Seems she had slightly pruned her pubic hair. The

    clit was thick with cubic hair and in wet condition the clitoris area had

    good key hole size depression. That thinking of her I had to literally

    r**e my wife.

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    I have peeped while my sister was bathing. During evenings she used to

    take bath. So I sneaks out of the house and climbs up to the small

    ventilation window of the bathroom from outside and have a good look of

    all her assets. She has small boobs but pointed and round with pink

    nipples. Her pussy was hairy and with dark pubic hair. From her removing dress to soaping

    massaging each part of her body playfull with her titts and some time

    strongly washing her pussy and drying off was my jerking views. I used to

    jerk watching her bath and coming back to bed too I jerks off and sleeps

    to dream having good s** with my sister.
    7 days ago
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    Once my wife's Uncle and Aunt were having some renovation work at their

    house. As the toilet and bathroom outlet fittings were being repaired

    they had to come over to our residence for the essential needs of the

    day. So after sunset they visited our residence for bathing purpose. As

    some groceries and goodies were to purchased wife and her Uncle left for

    the store in his vehicle leaving Aunt and myself at our residence. As

    they left she went to bathroom for bath. As I heard the tap running I

    just peeped through the keyhole and watched her massive boobs and bulging

    pussy. But was little disappointed see only little pubic hair. I had

    fantasied she may be have dark long busy pubic hair. Due to plumpness her

    clit was not visible. As she wore her underwear I had jerked my self on

    to the tissue I had carried with me and rushed back to see the TV. While

    peeping you can feel the rush of blood to the brain and its awesome and

    thrilling adventure.
    7 days ago

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