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    Straight Male / 33

    I love my wife, but our sex life these days is excruciatingly dull.
    We have sex maybe once a month, and I am always the one who has to initiate.
    I like initiating, generally, but it'd be nice if once in a while (at least) she did.

    She never wants to try new things anymore, that's one reason I say it's dull.
    In our early days, she WAS sexually adventurous, in fact we both had deep primal passions
    which we didn't hesitate to indulge together.

    She is still sweet & all these days, but the raging fiery passion we once enjoyed together is pretty much just embers at best now. It kills me, truly...often I feel like we're more roommates than married these days.

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    Join the club. My wife and yours sound exactly alike. Sweet as honey, but has turned boring as hell. My sex life, as far as I can tell, is over. It wasn't always like this, she used to be a total slut in bed, but the fire, unfortunately, has burned out.
    11 days ago
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    Well, at least you guys had sluts for a little while. Mine has always been a prude. If not for our son, I would have ended it long ago.
    11 days ago
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    This theme of "cooling off" is all too common. I mean, part of the vows address it, but that seems to get overlooked. It seems to me that if they don't honor the "to have and to hold", then how can we be expected to honor the "forsaking all others" clause?
    11 days ago
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    #1 here, I have to say, I agree with #3...
    11 days ago
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    Well our marriage and sex was great for a very short time, once married, got her kids being taking care of, taking care of her, then for tons of years our sex life sucked...
    Then I just decided to go for the easy sex, other men! I can say I have always had an
    Very high sex drive, I had a little experience with men in my youth and my first wife encouraged me to be bisexual !
    But nothing in many years...
    I can say I really enjoyed my bi side, but kinda swapped from being more of a top to more of a submissive bottom, seems to be more about the submission than the gay sex, I also have tried to get my wife to take on a more femdom role, but nothing!!!

    Ok I will tell y’all I got busted and that did make her more aware of how far I would go to have a better sex life and things are much better now, every once in Awhile she slows down on me, but with a little talking we get back on track, we love each other a lot and are life partners , after my side play and discovering how great cocks are, I do need a nail pleasures now, she has bought me some great toys and massagers!!!
    I do wish she would strap on, but she knows I please myself regularly, to be honest I wish she would allow me to confess things I have done, but she doesn’t want to know,
    I do not hide toys or my needs from her now, not sure how many women would be as understanding as my wife, but I will say by stepping out it opened her eyes to the fact I have to have sex, with her or someone else😀
    11 days ago
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    I think the "cooling off" may be one reason the divorce rate is sky high. If a couple can maintain the passion they have initially though, then they are more likely to make it long-term, or even to the "til death do we part".
    11 days ago
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    Need to tell her how you feel about it, what you need.
    Might want to explore together some alternative lifestyles.

    Trying to do something with your wife is better than doing something behind her back or worse, nothing at all.
    I suggested some things to my wife, we tried them, some worked, some didn't.
    But overall, the whole situation improved and we had fun.
    And more sex than I ever thought we would.

    Wish now we'd done more and much earlier in my our lives.
    The window on youth closes fast and one day you wake up old
    11 days ago

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