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    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    As I canât share this at home Iâll do it here. We are happily married couple with a few kinks as Iâm sure many couples are. It began before we were married.
    I confessed to my then gf and now wife that Iâd had fantasies about seeing her with another man. She protest that she wasnât a cheating slut and so on. I brought it up again on my bday she again protested.
    Iâd lost hope of my fantasy ever happening. We went on a cruise and things changed.
    Sheâs 5.5, c cups, 110, perky but not large but perfect for spanking, red head that keeps a patch of red hair above her pink pussy.
    Iâm 6.1, athletic but a little pudgy, I keep all hair off from my chin down, grower not a shower just shy of seven.
    On our cruise my lady was hit on by a very lovely Thai girl. She joined us for drinks and didnât let up on the flirtation with my girl but expanded it to encompass me. I was a little worried but my love was enjoying herself. She took me aside, remember how you wanted me to fuck another dude? Yea. Well Iâm a little scared of that, how about a threesome with this girl?
    I mean thatâs every dudes dream but if this works better for you Iâm down.
    The evening in our bed was fantastic. I sat in the chair and watched the two of them. I had been nervous cause pleasing one womanâs needs is a challenge and adding another I knew that was out of the realm of reality. Thankfully they were keen on pleasing one another. Finally they remembered me they were a sweaty mess beckoning me over. I want him to duck you. My lady put a condom on me and guided me into my first Asian snatch she was soaking but tight. We fucked and changed position as my lady ordered. Finally I was fucking her missionary with my love sitting on her face and making out with me. I came so hard we all passed out. Thai girl disappeared during the night we didnât see her again till near the end of the cruise. She was a server.
    I was the subject of a gay mans attention during the week. She new Iâd had some male lovers and new I missed it. She encouraged this and watched from a distance. It didnât take long before we were in his room and his mouth around my cock and licked my balls I was impressed. My lady just watched he didnât want her to be apart of it but was ok with her watching. To say the least I was exhausted. I collapsed after cuming In the condom in his ass. He ate my ass never had this done before after he was able to fit two fingers in me he told me to go to the bathroom. I returned he had a condom on and big grin. She wanted to see me get fucked and had told him.
    He rode me hard and for a long time I heard her cum at least once she later corrected that number into the double digits she really liked seeing me get dominated. He actually made me cum hands free. The rest of the vacation we spent with each other securing our insecurities. While at home we donât play with others but we do go to bdsm events. On vacation we play hard.

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