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    Straight Female / 21

    I’ve been a baby sitter since I was twelve and for the most part all uneventful. Boring and used the time for studying. The first time it happened it was my fault I was 16 and had seen the dad naked before he left for his date. It had gotten me really excited.
    After he left and I’d put the kids to bed I fantasized about him doing things to me I’d never experienced but had read about and seen in various videos. I’ve always had a thing for daddy’s. Well I’d just gotten in my stride skirt pulled up right hand in my pants and apparently I moaned his name. He startled me when he called my name and by his tone not for the first time. I spazzed but he took a calming tone and sat on the bed next to me pulling me into his muscular chest and big arms.
    His date had stood him up. He flirted with me and complimented my body and work ethic. He stroked my skin I was putty and started kissing his neck and mouth. I’ll admit his words, body and smell had me brain dead. He took me while I begged him too. We ended up having lustful sex all night. He bought me the morning after pill the next day. I felt him in me for a while. We never spoke of it until my 18th birthday he took me on a date like a real lady. He was engaged at the time but I wanted him again and got it.

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