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    Bi-Sexual Male / 32

    I have a lingerie fetish. When away on business I wear a lace thong, lace suspender and thigh hi hose under my suit. I wear lace up shoes so my ankles are exposed in the silk hose.
    I also wear a fine gold anklet and matching bracelet. I am extremely masculine looking and to the casual observer anything but femme. A closer look shows signs of total femininity. Over the last 3 years I have been hit on by a variety of business clients. I had no idea so many, mostly married, men are sexually aroused by men, especially femme lovers in pretty lingerie.

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    I am certainly aroused by your confession. I am sure many businessmen who travel a lot have sexual exploits while away from home. Many of the men I have had sex with in these circumstances have commented that they don't feel like they are really cheating having sex with men as opposed to women. I have never really figured that out! I am not sure if my wife would draw a distinction if she knew men where sucking my cock and fucking my lace pantied anus or I was taking cocks down my throat and fucking a hot tight male!
    Like oh that's ok darling just so long as you don't eat and fuck vaginas or have your cock sucked by a sexy businesswoman when you are away!!LOL

    5 days ago
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    I am in my 60's and married. My wife and I stop having sex over 15 years ago. Around the same time I started working nights. So days started to get into cross dressing. I started shaving everything. I am smooth no hair.(It's a lot of work being kept smooth) I started going on cam. Back then y***o messenger was big. I started seeing married guys for hook up's. I would get all dressed up in stockings garters heels skirts or dresses heels make up everything. I became and still am a sissy submissive cock sucking bottom.
    2 days ago
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    I am a bi married husband ,married for over 38 years, I am masculine ,very much a real man by anyone’s standards... over the years my wife has ask me if I’ve been wearing her panties, of course I had not, our sex life was very slow for a long time thanks to her!
    But I did finally turn to gay sex, and discovered I loved the role of sub bottom,
    And as that kinky ness filled my mind I did from time to time wear her panties, I even fucked her one night ,and was wearing them when I came to bed, she ask if I got some new sexy undies, I only smiled, she didn’t know they were hers..
    I have worn them a few time out on date night and I have worn them for other men,,
    I even wore them out one night when a dominant young man had me got out in public and pull them up in the back so others could see I had them on... he also had me go in the men’s room stall and take off all of my cloths as a test of my obedience😀
    17 hours ago

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