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    Straight Male / 40

    I had a chance to take my 19 yr old girl friend to a church after it was empty, for us to do tons of sex acts. I have access to the church due to some work i do for them. She was all about sinning as bad as possible as she is not holy at all. I am proud to say i am not either. We took our clothes off at the alter and it was great to have my dick out in the church and to touch it.

    She sat her hot ass on the alter and masturbated and rubbed her c**t with the cross. We then fucked on the bible, with it closed, but got her ass sweat and my cum all over it, which felt amazing. We both felt very good about doing that.

    We spent hours masturbating, fucking and trying to be as dirty as possible in the church. It was a big thing for us, especially because we had wanted to sin and not repent after because we are done with the church, and doing this while fucking on the bible was amazing.

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