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    Straight Female / 54

    I work in personal at a major hospital in the mid south. Not a bad looking woman 5ft6 blond with nice firm 36D tits, and a fine @@$$ that I'm always catching men admiring. Which brings this adventure to light

    This new guy (I'll call Sam NOT his name) his supervisor hired him, the second she seen him. He's an articulate man, impeccably dressed in an European style unlike anything around these parts.

    When I first met him I didn't like him, I didn't appreciate being looked at like I was a yummy piece of peach pie, from some up start that was an underling to my position. I'd fired his @@ss right there, but like I say his supervisor wanted him bad, and he is very good at his skill.

    As years came and went, I started to notice he wasn't anything like anyone I've known, he is very interesting, well traveled, and an intellectual. Nothing about him says boring.

    Okay, I'll get to the problem, or pleasure however it's perceived.
    It's lunch time and I went down 4 floors to the Pharmacy to pick up some monthly meds, as I'm picking up my meds I notice the smell of leather and tobacco not cigarettes but maybe a pipe, it was a very good smell.

    I turned around, and here is this handsome hunk of a man with his head tilted down starring at my @@ss, which he made it obvious to me that, that is what he was doing. Now normally I'd been mad, but not this time, I was actually quite aroused.

    He got his meds and turned around with his arm up looking at his watch. I asked him if he needed any help with anything (whatever I was doing, thinking straight wasn't one of them) he said he had to go to employee benefits. I told him their out to lunch but if you like he could come up to my office and I would call over there and check if any are back.

    He agreed and jumped on the elevator with me, I was standing next to the buttons but I was in a daze like a little schoolgirl around her crush. He leaned into me like he was going to kiss me, and I was prepared to return it, but at the last second he turned his head left and pushed #4 leaned back and gave me a sweet smile.

    I admired everything about him (nothing like my beer belly husband)
    He's obviously trained his body because he is F I N E and I've decided he can have whatever he wants. The office is empty for at least 30 min.

    I lead him to my office and I lock the door behind me, to kind of give him the green light. He took of his leather and I compliment him on the scarf that it's not pretentious like many Harley Davidson items are it's logo blends in, and is not of bold colors. Let's see if it fits you, he says, as he walks around me folding the scarf in half lengthwise, looking up not knowing what to expect, a little worried the office was empty.

    He blindfolded me, and I let it happen. He finally kissed me and I kissed him back sucking his tounge when I had the chance, I felt his fingers tugging at my blouse buttons, exposing my breasts I heard him sigh MmmmmYummy I turned my chair to face him, I pulled at his belt and un zipped his trousers and felt his c0ck get hard instantly.

    Oh my! It was much more than I was used to, but I wanted to please him like I've never ever pleased a man. I swallowed that d*ck like I've been doing all my life. Licking up and down the shaft, slurping on any pre cum I could get moaning in pleasure, gripping his tight @@ss pushing my head balls deep on that fat fcuker not coming up until choked.

    Get up, he said and he bent me over my desk. He yanked my slacks down, and I heard a click and then he reached around and told me to keep them in my mouth. He reached down to feel my pu$$y. YEAH! It was wet, soaking wet. I felt my aching pu$$y throbbing anticipating the ROD that it's about to receive.

    It was a bit large but he gently slid it in half way and pumped with half his c0ck for a bit then slowed down , and started pushing in slowly deep, and deeper until I was full of his enormous PR*ck. He twisted side to side, up and down.

    He pulled out and did it again, half thrust in and out for a moment then again, deep deeper deepest he could, and left it in and would twist his body left and right, up an down, I was cumm*ng all over my legs.

    I begged him to please let me see him fcuking me. He said NO! Turn around, he lifted me onto my desk and removed and legs from my slacks and started fcuking the he!! out of me he'd lean to the right as he push his big fat c0ck in and out all the way, then lean to the left as he pushed in and out again, holding his body down as he pushed in and out, then holding his c0ck up hard against the roof of my pu$$y this time. This went on and on for quite some time.

    I was fcuked like I have never been fcuked my life. He pulled out and I laid their unable to move he moved to the side of the desk an grabbed my hair and shoved his d*ck in my mouth, and just in time because he unloaded a stream of the sweetest too I've ever tasted, and I dutifully swallowed every bit of it, and continued to slurp on that beautiful c0ck until he said, I gotta go..he grabbed his stuff took of the scarf he blindfolded me with and walked out the door, taking my panties with him. Here I am barley able to move and I have to clean up come from everything before anyone happens back. I heard a Harley start and pulling out from then parking lot so I ran to the window and looked out, he was leaving alright and my panties were tied to his handlebars. I watched him ride off and said to myself "I fcuking love you"

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