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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 29

    When I was younger I was friends with an older boy who talked into messing around with him, which I really found exciting and liked doing. Then, eventually, I let him talk me into letting him butt fuck me. To me that was the most exciting and stimulating thing ever, and I absolutely loved it.
    It was so thrilling to feel the thickness of his stiff penis sliding back and forth through my sensitive butt hole, with its length going up deep inside of me. It was so good when he took his time and I could savor that pleasure, and it felt so incredibly satisfying when he ejaculated his sperm into me. Lots of times I would start ejaculating while I was being fucked and that was so unbelievably intense when that would happen.
    This went on for about a year and I let him fuck me I donât know how many times. I really started to think that I must be gay because I loved this so much. Later, sort of wondering about this, and half believing it, I tried having sex with several other boys, and I was so disappointed and I really didnât enjoy it or even like it. In fact, it made me rather uncomfortable. It was nothing at all like having sex with my older friend. I finally decided that I wasnât really gay, but that I had just happened to enjoy being male and sexual with a frind, and not all guys. Live and learn!

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    When I was younger Ihad quite a bit of gut sex and thoroughly enjoyed it, but as I discovered that hardly made me gay. I am now in my thirties, and was divorced several years ago. Happily I re-discovred the occassionaly enjoymentof male sex - and without having to feel or be gay!
    9 days ago
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    Itâs not always easy. Iâve enjoyed specific men fucking me or oral. I have to be really comfy with a dude but can get hard and fuck any slut with tits with no second thought. I feel confused by this but it is what it is
    9 days ago

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