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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    I was always staying at my cousins house back then, because I didn't have any fun at home. My cousins (I'll call Bill, and Ted not their real names) Bill was a few years younger than me about 12 or 13, and Ted was a few years older about 15 no older than that, I'm a little foggy on our ages, but we were at that age where we wanted sex but wasn't getting any.

    Bill and Ted slept in the same room in twin beds, on separate sides of the room. I slept with Bill on the most part, because Ted had his friends and didn't hang with us on the most part. So I was closer to Bill.

    One weekend night I woke up because someone is playing with my d*ck, and I have a massive hard on. It was Bill of course he wanted us to suck each other, we have jacked one another off before. He wanted to feel what a BJ was like, what was I to say, hell I already had a raging boner.

    It was his idea to get into the 69 position he was on top, and I lay on the bottom. He was sucking me, and in the meantime he was fcuking my mouth really like he was gonna get this over as quickly as possible. His d*ck wasn't to big and not I'd done that before, because I haven't.

    His c0ck slid easily in and out my mouth not really down my throat he just wasn't that big like I say. It wasn't very long before he busted a but in my mouth. YUK! I spit it out at once. And he rolled off of me I'm like I didn't get off yet keep sucking me. He said he was done, and asked me what it tasted like? I told him raw chicken it was gross.

    I told him if he didn't get my d*ck to cum I wouldn't trust him again, and we would not be doing this again. He jacked me off until I got my nut. We were playing with each other since then on a regular basis. It was something fun to do at night, and it helped getting over the frustration of seeing some of the neighborhood girls that day.

    On another night Ted put up a big stink that I never sleep in his bed, so I ended up sleeping with him that night. I woke up feeling something sliding in between my leg's and @@$$ cheeks, OH MY! I didn't see this coming. Ted is rubbing his d*ck against my @@$$ and I'm enjoying it.

    Obviously he knew what we were doing across the room, and he wanted to get his kink. I kept my mouth quiet and positioned myself so as to make it easier for him. I pulled my knees up a bit and reached behind myself and pulled on an @@$$ cheek to spread it wider he seemed not to notice, and seemed not to want to wake me.

    He was pushing against my @@$$ in a gentle way, man it felt good, I never felt this good before it was better than getting my d*ck sucked, I was craving for that d*ck in my bung hole. I wanted to he fcuked now, so I told him very quietly stick it in me.

    He wasn't giving me all that I wanted so I told him to lay on his back, and I got on top of him and lower myself on his much bigger d*ck than Bill had. Once I managed to get past the pain of the insertion of that meat, it felt fantastic, and I rode that c0ck for a good Long slow fcuk it was amazing unlike anything I've ever done.

    I couldn't help my self, I was moaning and my c0ck was leaking cum. I was riding up and down on his fat d*ck what seemed all night. Finally I heard him grunt, moan, and started filling full of hot cum, it was so good "I LOVED IT" and knew I would always let him fcuk me any chance we got.

    Now I am married, and live a straight life. But I'm always craving c0ck, and would love to have a fcuk buddy but its not easy for me to meet someone because I live in a small town. I bought a couple if dildos for my wife and I to play with but their really for me when she's not around, I suck and deep throat one as I ride the other, I call them my n****r buddies because their so big....

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    Try talking about blowjobs at work with your closest work bud. I did and he claimed his wife never sucked his cock. Every time we were together, we'd talk about it. One night at a bar after a few beers we started talking about is again and I joked that if all he wanted was a blowjob, maybe I could help him out. Long story short, I've been sucking his cock and swallowing his cum for the past 6 years. I have had his cock up my ass a few times and he is quite the cock sucker himself. And yes, we are from a small town to and are able to keep it on the down low.
    5 days ago
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    Thanks I will in fact there's a guy I know at work who's going through a divorce, I'll try bringing it up with him. Wish me luck...
    3 days ago

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