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    Straight Female / 29

    When I was 21, I went on spring break at Panama City Beach in FL. It was my junior year of College and me and 3 other girls knew this was the week to ignore all the stigma around being a "Slut." We made a joking pact that we would fuck a different guy every day, but I don't think any of us expected that to actually be the case. I am a brunette and at this point was pretty tan (as i had been tanning to prepare for the trip) and wear a C bra. My realistic expectation for the trip was to make out with a couple hott guys and maybe take 1 back for more if it felt right. We also agreed to always bring any guys to our place, to avoid getting into a threatening situation.

    The first night we arrived, we went down to a great beach party. after a few vodka crans, I was just getting beads left and right, and some guys were even reaching out and groping me. I loved the attention I was getting, and was surrounded by 6 packs and marble biceps. My memory was a bit hazy of the night, but I ended that night making out on the beach with a guy that I though looked like zach effron. I was caressing his washboard abs for a few minutes when I felt him guide my hand down into his board shorts and onto his rock hard boner. I was switching between massaging his balls and stroking his shaft, and snuck a second hand down to do both at the same time, but as soon as the second hand grabbed his balls, i could feel him tense up and his gooey cum start to coat my wrist. I was going to start laughing so my instinct was to run away so that he wouldnt see my laughing.

    Waking up the next morning all us girls were in the apartment, and no guys had come back. This was more of what I was expecting the weekend to be like, making out with hott guys on the beach and maybe one or 2 guys get back with one of us. Day 2 would be very different.... We went out to the beach early with a water bottle filled with vodka, and danced our asses of while chekcing out guys. I went through my vodka a little quicker than i hoped, and started drinking what ever people were willing to share. Around noon we were going to head back to the hotel and do a refresh/restock and met a group of about 8 guys going back to the same hotel, they had tequila on them still, so we were passing around a bottle on the walk back. I was hitting the tequila very hard, and didnt drink much tequila ever before this. By the time we got to the hotel we were all pretty drunk, but i was the most so and had also flashed this group of guys everytime they gave me a sip of the tequila. I had also invited all of them to come keep the party going in our room while we all got re-stocked for the evening.

    Back in the room we were playing some beerpong and doing even more shots. we started to bet swimsuits on beer pong shots. I was never good, and being drunk was not helping me so my swimsuit was off fast. I slurringly yelled across to the room to one of the guys i thought was hott, and asked if he would help me take a shower. Everyone in the room cheered as he followed me and as soon as we got into the room i pulled down his pants and got onto my knees. I took his cock in my hand and kissed his thigh for a moment before guiding his cock right into my mouth. I acted so fast on this that i didnt think to close the door to the bedroom and it was pretty easy to see in from most spots of the "Family room" part of the hotel room. His dick was not soft but as soon as i got it in my mouth i felt it reach that final rock hard state. He was about 4-5 inches and what i would consider average in width. It was a perfect size that i could easily fit the whole thing into my mouth. I could hear the guys cheering me on but didnt think anything of it, and somehow thought that they were just cheering for the game of BP, not associating that they were actually watching me bob my head back and fourth on a dick.

    After a few minutes of this i noticed that 3 of the cheering male voices were standing in the doorframe watching, I dont know if it was the tequila or the pact we made was taking control of me, but I got a huge rush at the though of being watched. I crawled onto the bed and layed on my back with my legs in the air and looked at the guy who I had been sucking, and told him to "Fill me up." I wanted to try to say "Get in me," but with an audience I was trying to act smooth and chose the wrong words. I could feel his head poking around my hole and then press up against my clit and slide down until his head slipped into me. His first push got about half way in but the second thrust slid all the way with with his cock lubed up from the blowjob. The 3 guys at the door made their way into the room and were huddled around the bed watching as their friend was pounding me with my legs over his shoulder.

    I was so lost in the moment and pleasure that I forgot I was being watched. When I rememberd, I looked around and my audience and noticed that the 3 other guys had pulled their dicks out and were stroking themselves. I also noticed them inching closer and closer to the bed. before long, one of them had poked me in the cheek with his dick. His dick was about an inch longer than the one that was still inside me, at this point i had been pretty close to coming a few times, and the idea of a bit longer of a dick had me excited, so i turned my head and let him slide it in my mouth. seeing this the other 2 guys immediately stepped up with their dicks right near my face and started rubbing my breasts.

    The guy fucking me said, "You still want me to fill you up?" and I was not done fucking so I nodded and made a "Mh-hmm" noise as well as I could with a dick in my mouth. I could feel his body tense up as he thrust his cock as deep as he could, I was just about to cum and then felt a pulsing and extra tickle that put me over the edge. After feeling a few more pulses I also started to fill myself filling up with warm cum. I wasnt thinking that was what he meant when he said "Fill me up" but I didnt want to let that ruin my moment. The guy in my mouth pulled his cock out and asked if I wanted more. I spun around on the bed and stuck my ass in the air at him, and his cock slipped right in. I was all loose and lubed up at this point. The first dozen or so strokes i could feel him pushing the cum around inside of me and the other 2 guys worked their way to the side of the bed that my head was on. Both of these guys had cocks about the same size as the one that just slid into me, and I was alternating sucking each of their dicks. I had to stop sucking them for a minute when the guy in me hit a few key notes that put me into a momentarily paralyzing orgasm. My moans made him also tense up and freeze for a moment, then i felt the rapid spasms of his cock firing another load into me. His pulsing seemed to go on for a minute, but i think my orgasm was skewing time. I couldnt stay on my knees any longer and had to roll back onto my back. One of the 2 remaining guys worked their way between my legs and also slid right in. While I was sucking the final dick, I heard him say "O fuck" and then felt his warm cum start filling my mouth, I sealed my lips around the head of his dick so that it wouldnt drip all over the room (not thinking about how it had been dripping out of my pussy for the last 20 minutes) I opened my mouth so he could see his product, and doing this caused the guy in me to also start filling my pussy with the 3rd load of the afternoon.

    While grabbing their swim trunks to leave, one of them said "No girl has let me cum in her before, that was amazing," the other 2 that did said they had not either. After day 2 I realized i needed to watch my drinks a bit better and didnt let myself get gangbanged again. It was a very fun memory and I will never forget (The parts i remember).

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