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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    When I was 16 I lived in a foster home with 2 other children Wendy (11), and joe (13). Joe and I shared a room and Wendy had her own room, we shared a bathroom. One day I walked in on joe jacking off, he had a really nice cock 7 inches and big balls, as I stood there he didnât slow down, he said shut the door and I did and locked it. I walked over to him and he stopped jacking, I could see precum on his dick head, he asked if I wanted to jack off with him, I said heâll yes, I stripped and he sat up and grabbed my semi hard cock and put it in his mouth Iâm bigger than him, Iâm 8.5 inches and thick, as he was sucking my dick I reached down and stroked his cock, after a few minutes we switched up I was now sucking his cock massaging his balls, I was so focused on sucking his cock I didnât see Wendy standing 3 feet away watching us, I felt Joeâs dick swelling and knew he was about to cum, I opened my mouth wide and let him jack off in my mouth he shot the most amazing load, most of it was in my mouth but some got on my face and chin, after I swallowed his load I noticed Wendy standing there rubbing her pussy, she was cute, she hadnât started puberty yet, she came over to me grabbed my rock hard dick and sucked it good joe got hard again and put his dick in her little pussy and started fucking her hard, I shot my load in her mouth, he shot his load in her little pussy. After this day, we became really close and we still live together today.

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