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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 50

    I still think back to the fun I had with my bestfriend during sleepovers.
    We were both straight males. We just couldn't get girls to do the things that we could do for each other.
    Plus, neither of our parents would have allowed a girl to stay the night in our rooms. Though, his sister was just down the hall.
    It was just so, convenient.

    It started out slowly, at first. Neither one of us wanting to scare off the other one. Or, seem "gay".
    So we would look at porn magazines in his room at night.
    At first, sitting on the edge of his bed in our clothes. Silently flipping through the shiny pages. I was to embarrassed to admit it when I had a "boner", when he would ask me. "No", I would tell him. But he knew that I was lying. Then, he would "check", to see if I was hard. Reaching into my lap with his hand under the magazine I was holding. "You do, too" he would smile at me.
    Ofcourse, that was my cue to check his.

    When we heard his parents go to bed, (listening to their footsteps on the creaky floor above us) we would strip to our underwear and climb into his queen size bed.

    With the lights off and only a nightlight to see by, we would make up dirty stories. To try and excite each other. Mostly made-up stuff about girls at school, the girls in the magazines, his female cousin, or even, his sister.

    Again, he would ask, "Are you getting hard, yet"? I denied it. He checked. "Liar", he laughed.

    Our hands explored a little under the covers. Which evolved into "backrubs".
    We would trace letters and pictures on each other's backs. We would try to guess, what it was.
    Then, as softly as possible, we would tickle each other's backs with our fingertips. Up and down. Making the other's skin tingle.
    We would go up to the neck, and back down the sides and spine. Stopping at the elastic waistband of our underwear.

    As I became more aroused, I tried to trick him. When it was my turn to be "tickled", I inched my underwear down past my butt.
    His hand was traveling down my back. I was anxiously waiting for him to discover what I had done.
    When his hand got to, where my waistband was, he paused. Then, continued downward. He chuckled, "oh yeah"?.

    It was on, after that. Each time we switched places, our underwear was lower and lower, until finally, it was off.

    Our hands explored between each other's legs, as we lay on our bellies. We pulled our erections down. So that the other one could feel it between our legs.

    Eventually, we would give up on the subtle hints. Rolling onto our sides or backs and playing with each other's hard-ons.

    Afte r a few of these sleepovers, we had become comfortable enough with each other that we would be on the floor. One of us on his hands and knees, or tilted down on his elbows. While the other boy knelt behind him. Reaching between his legs or around his waist, giving him a "reach-around". While his own erection bobbed and bounced against his friends skin.

    We would swap positions frequently. Trying to get as hard as possible, with out cumming. Then, switching.
    Our leaky boners dripped precum on the towel that we had laid down beneath us. We didn't know that this was called "edging" at the time.

    Finally, we just couldn't hold it any longer. We would take turns or help each other out. Trying to cum at the same time.

    When we finished, we would get rid of the evidence and go to sleep.

    We didn't talk about it much during the week or while we were out playing. Doing other things.
    But when one of us asked, if the other could stay the night, we knew what was going to happen.

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    Did you wear socks with your underwear and ever smelled eachother's feet?
    8 days ago
  • 2
    No. We didn't smell each others feet.
    8 days ago
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    Similar story for me only we would end up 69ing and sucking each other off. We did everytime we spent the night at each others house. I still suck cock to this day.
    7 days ago
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    Somewhat similar for me. I was sleeping over my buddy's house and we were in his bedroom with the TV on low, his parents in bed and we were actually looking at Playboys and Penthouses he stole from his brother's room. I was on the floor in a sleeping bag and he was above me in bed. We had never done anything before except look at skin mags. Tonight I was horny and my erection was between me and the floor. I slowly rocked on it, trying not to draw his attention. Apparently I was unsuccessful since he stated "I know what you're doing". I was mortified, but I played it off saying I was just trying to get comfortable. He laughed at me and said "no you're not, but it's okay, you're not alone". With that he pulled back his sheet. He was laying on his side facing me and his underwear was slid down just past his cock, which was hard and sticking out. He left the sheet back and proceeded to place his on his cock and slowly stroke it. This embolden me so I said 'great, I need to cum'. I had a technique as a teen to hump my hands under me and when I was about to cum, I'd shove the heal of my hand hard against my cock. It stopped me from spraying cum everywhere but still give me the sensation of orgasm. He watched me do this as I explained how I kept from making a mess.

    Once I was done, I sat p beside his bed and asked if I could help. I simply said "I guess", so I reached over and started playing with his cock. Within a minute he was cumming all over my hand. After that night we progressed into jerking each other off or laying on top off each other and humping our cocks together until we came or we'd we'd hump each other's butt crack and blow our load on the other's back. We would suck each other's cocks, 69ing a lot, but we never came in the other's mouth. We only tried to butt fuck once, but I chickened out when I felt how painful the head of his cock felt as it was entering my hole. We did this for several years into high school. We both got girl friends and never went back to it.
    6 days ago

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