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    Bi-Sexual Female / 37

    I am a 37 year old married woman. We recently moved to an island nation in the South Pacific where my husband has a 3 year contract. I was introduced to a group of expat women soon after arriving. None of us are allowed to work so we have a lot of time to ourselves for getting together. About a month into our posting here I was at a mah-jong morning when one of the girls asked the hostess if she could have a swim. It was a very hot morning. I was a little shocked when she casually undressed on the terrace and got into the pool in the nude.
    Nobody seemed to be at surprised. Angela swam around a bit and then another of the girls joined her, also in the nude. There was a bit of giggling going on and I was quite distracted seeing two attractive women so relaxed together in the pool nude. I was also a little stimulated by it, which really surprised me. The mah-jong came to a halt with the girls up from the table and we all started chatting and everyone then agreed the pool was a much better place to be in the heat. With that everyone including me, undressed and got in the pool, without a care in the world.
    The whole scene really turned me on. Seeing the girls undressing, watching them in their expensive sexy lingerie and then in the nude really aroused me. It was bizarre really.
    We swam and chatted and it was all pretty normal I suppose you could say, until Angela who had been the first into the pool pulled herself up onto the pool edge. She looked pretty gorgeous sitting tanned and nude and glistening in the sun. Within a few minutes one of the girls swam over to her and bewildered me by putting her head between Angela's legs and started to lick her vagina. It was then I felt a hand on my bottom.
    Within a few moments another hand was between my legs and I felt a finger slide into me.
    Pam, the second girl to get in the pool, then just casually said welcome to the mah-jong den of iniquity.
    I was completely in a trance but totally turned on and aroused. I climaxed within seconds of being fingered. As I muttered oh fuck, Pams mouth was on mine and her tongue was playing with mine. My first full on kiss with a woman. And I loved it.
    The casual playfulness of the initial pool antics turned quickly into erotic sex. Kissing, caressing, licking and fingering. Moaning and gasping. Orgasms after orgasms. In the pool, on the loungers and then finally, the hostess took me by the hand and led me to her bedroom. We devoured each other. I completely let go as she pleasured me with the tongue and toys.
    Turns out the mah-jong is something of a front. I discovered later that as it was my first attendance they had planned to be quite innocent to test my reaction. Yes there is a bit of serious side to the weekly mah-jong gatherings, but really it is all about the sex. Girl sex.
    Funny thing is the sex with my husband is way better than it used to be, and I am happy to oblige in mutual anal antics. The girls have taught me a lot.
    I wonder if my husband has noticed that I only wear my very sexiest lingerie on Mah-jong days.

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    Most of us girls have a bestie who becomes more than just a good friend. Mine was in Singapore in the early 90's for 2 years when she was in her late 20's and has shared some of the happenings that went on with expats. Men and women. She had a couple of flings. One with a man and one with a woman. Never, I understand, in a group thing.
    But her real story is that just as the writer of this story went to mah-jong mornings as a cover, she discovered her husbands golf Saturdays were a cover.
    His golf pals were a group of bi and gay men. He came unstuck when he left some lingerie in his golf bag, along with condoms, lube and a leather cock-ring. Difficult to explain away when my friend went to borrow some golf balls from his bag.
    She confessed to him her enjoyment of women sexually so they agreed to only play together, with men and women. They are still married and still enjoy a very active bi sex life. She is almost true to her play together word. We regularly have sex, without him.
    7 days ago
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    I am 19 and while id do let boys fuck me I am more interested in girls really. I read this post and it really made me wet. I have a friend who is also exploring her sexuality so I got her to read it.
    While she did I licked her vagina and made her cum. Then she licked mine and I came.
    2 days ago

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