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    Bi-Sexual Male / 39

    A few years ago my wife and I visited a spa in Bali Indonesia. We both had female masseuses.
    During the massage a young male came into my massage room and asked the girl to go to my wife's room as her masseuse was not feeling very well. He didn't realise we were together and commented that there was a very attractive woman in the next room. He confided in me that the woman had asked her masseuse to massage her vagina and the masseuse had said she wouldn't and came out to reception to complain...hence the change in girl. I was shocked but surprisingly turned on at the same time.
    The young man then asked if I minded if he massaged me. I said no so he took up where the girl had left off. With me still face down. As he massaged me he laughed and said my girl was bi sexual and would be more suited the woman's wishes. That really turned me on, thinking of my wife being massaged and pleasured by a cute bi Balinese girl.
    So, when my young man asked me to turn over my erection caused some initial embarrassment. I sort of apologised and he just laughed and said he wouldn't have been doing his job properly if I wasn't hard and gave my cock a little rub, in jest. That sent a zing through my body and what had been a reasonable erection now became rock hard and lifted off my stomach. He didn't bother to place the little silk wrap back across my cock so I was totally nude.
    He continued the massage just occasionally brushing his hands across my cock which ensured it stayed hard. At about the 60 minute mark, the massage was 90 minutes, he asked me if I would like him to take his briefs off. I was feeling very comfortable and stimulated so said sure.
    I watched him slip his little briefs off. His cock started to lift and harden and he lifted my hand from the massage table and placed it on one of his ass cheeks. It was firm and smooth and I felt another zing fire through my body. He moved his body so my hand slid into his crack and he reached behind and helped me push a finger into his anus, he gently moaned and bent down and took my cock into his mouth. Now I should say that I was not exactly new to sex with a man, although it had been a long time ago. This young man was taking me back to that time and was stirring some real fire in me.
    I knew I wanted this and was happy to let it take its course. I fingered his anus while he sucked my very hard cock. I was getting close to ejaculating when he pulled off me and climbed onto the table facing me. He lifted his slim smooth body over me and lowered his anus onto my cock. I ejaculated inside him 5 minutes later. He climbed off me and asked me to turn over. I turned and he spread my ass cheeks and went down on me with his mouth and tongue. I lifted myself up so I was pretty much on my knees, my ass raised and available. After licking and eating my anus for a while he slid his cock into my oiled anus with ease. He ejaculated within minutes.
    He then got up off the table and pulled his little briefs back on and left the room, with me on my knees and jizz running down my inner thighs. The door opened again and a third young woman came in with warm damp towels and started to clean up my body. she ran a warm moist towel down my crack and rubbed my anus. Then she started on my semi hard cock and cleaned off the oil, jizz and my young mans anal juices. I lay back, face up and she drizzled a new ginger scented oil across my chest and stomach. She worked the oil into my skin as my cock started to harden and slide across my thigh and rest on my lower stomach.
    There was a gentle tap on the door and she stopped massaging me. The door opened and my young man returned as she left. He placed the silk across my body and erect cock and moved to behind my head. He started to massage my head and neck. He then put his arms under my arm pits and pulled me back so my head feel gently backwards at the head of the table. I felt his hard cock on my mouth and then felt it enter my mouth and push into my throat. He worked his body and hips as he face fucked me, stroking my neck around my Adams Apple.
    His second ejaculation was as intense as the first. I gasped and swallowed as he moaned gently and completed his release. He pulled out and I adjusted my body so my head was supported. He handed me a silk robe and took my hand and led me to the shower in the corner. I hung the robe and stepped nude and erect into the warm shower. He started to soap my body. My hard cock, butt and anus. Legs and thighs, back chest and stomach, then he dried me off and gently kissed my mouth. My erection had subsided, mostly, but became instantly fully erect again. He handed me the robe again and led me into the candle lit relaxation room.
    I lay on a lounger in my robe with my erection covered. After 30 minutes I returned to the change room and then our room. My wife was asleep in the bed. Nude. The fuck that followed was as good as I can remember. We never discussed our massages.

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    I go to Bali 4 times a year on buying trips. My wife has been with me a few times and when she is with me we have couples massages in the same room. They have always been very above board.
    When I am on my own however I have a couple of massages each trip in a gay massage place. I just prefer men massaging me. Males understand how sensual and stimulating prostate massages are and I have no interest in a Balinese girl sitting on my cock.
    My wife gives me all the heterosexual pleasure I need.
    7 days ago

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