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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 23

    When I was 13 my stepsister Jan was 16 and came home drunk, our parents were asleep, I was on the couch in the den. She was wearing a short skirt and a top with no bra, she came in the den and laid on the other couch, I don’t think she noticed me, anyway she took off her clothes and laid on the couch and passed out, after a few minutes I went to check on her, I nudged her arm, nothing, I rubbed her tits, nothing finally I rubbed her bald pussy and stuck my finger deep in her soaking wet pussy, I licked my finger and tasted cum(I has sucked a friend of mine cock and swallowed his cum) that’s how I knew she had been fucked and came in, I went down on her licking and sucking cum from her pussy, she twitched a little bit bet was still passed out, my cock was so hard (6 inches) I decided I wanted to fuck her wet pussy, I moved her so she was positioned to receive my cock, I slipped my dick in her tight pussy and started pumping in and out slowly, she felt so tight and wet, after a few minutes I was shooting my load in her c**t, after I was done I rolled her over and covered her up. I sat and watched tv for about 30 minutes, that’s when she tossed the blanket off and I was staring at her sexy ass, then I got the idea to fuck her asshole. I went over and used my cum that was leaking out of her pussy as lubricant to slide my dick in her asshole, I popped the head in and started fucking her hard, I didn’t last but like 5 minutes before I was squirting cum deep in her ass, as I was pulling out she moaned at me to put it back in, thinking she had caught me I went to my room. The next morning after our parents went to work (it was summer) I went into the den, Jan was not there, I peaked in her room and there she was, in her pajamas on her bed, as I turned to walk away I heard her say come here, I went in and said what’s up, she flat out asked me if I enjoyed fucking her last night, I tried to play dumb but she was like I know you fucked my ass and pussy and cum in her, she said I had to do it again, so I fucked her all day until I had no cum left to shoot, we made it a habit, I really loved her asshole, it was always tight and she really got off having me pound her ass. She didn’t know what to think when I ate her pussy after I just unloaded my cum inside her, I told her I like boys too, she called her male friend and asked him to come over that she had a surprise for him, I had never met him, when he got there she said to me that she wanted to watch me suck a dick, I was excited to say the least, her friend was gay and had a huge cock(9inches and thick),we all got naked and I grabbed his huge dick and put it in my mouth and rolled my youngest around his big head slowly sliding him in and out of my mouth, I buried as much of his cock in my throat without choking as I could, he grabbed my head and started fucking my mouth, this went on for a while until I felt his dick throbbing and swelling in my mouth, I knew he was about to cum, I relaxed and let him explode in my mouth, I was not expecting that much cum, after my mouth was full I pulled away gulped down his huge load and he was still squirting in my face, when he finally finished blowing his load he suck me off while Jan licked his cum off my face. Her friend left. Jan had a girlfriend of hers spend the day with us, she was a Virgin and I popped her cherry, unfortunately she got pregnant, now she my wife, but her, Jan and I spend a lot of time together.

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