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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 30

    I became sexually active when I was 11, I lost my virginity to a 14yo boy down the street, my mom did the right thing by putting me on birth control. Over the next year I had sex with 3 more boys, all had average size penis, yet none of them got me off, none of them would eat my pussy even though I sucked their cocks. I know my pussy was clean and I didn’t need to shave yet because I had not started puberty yet. I was frustrated that the only way I could get off was to do it myself. One night I was rubbing my little clit when I heard moaning and grunting noises coming from my mom’s room, I was completely naked and snuck to see what was going on, my stepdad(Jeff)was fucking my mom doggie style, his cock was big(8.5inches and thick) I was rubbing my clit and almost cum instantly, my stepdad pulled out and shot a huge load on my mom’s back, I hurried back to my room. The next day my mom has to go out of town for a few days leaving me and my stepdad alone. I decided I wanted to seduce him and have his big cock in my mouth and pussy. I waited for mom to leave and went to my room, stripped down to my underwear and a skimpy T-shirt, I went to the living room where Jeff was sitting wearing sweatpants, I walked in front of him, I bent over the arm of the couch to show him my little puffy pussy, I looked over at him and sure enough he was eyeing my little c**t, I smiled at him and asked what he was staring at, he said he was sorry and wouldn’t do it again, I rolled on my back spread my legs and pulled my panties to the side so he could see my hairless pussy, he was definitely liking what he saw, I could see his dick was getting hard, I said, I thought you said you wouldn’t look at my crotch again, I guess I made him nervous because he was trying to get up and hide his erection, I jumped up and pushed him back on the couch, pulled the front of his sweatpants down and his big cock sprung up at my face, I grabbed it and my hand couldn’t fit all the way around it, I put his dick in my mouth and looked into his eyes as I stroked and sucked his dick, I did this for a few minutes knowing he was about to cum, I stopped stood up and removed what clothes I had on, my pussy was dripping wet, I told him he had to make me cum first, he laid me back on the couch and started kissing my lips and neck and worked his way down my stomach until he got to my little slit, he kissed and sucked my clit while he fingered my little pussy, I was shaking and cumming over and over, after that I begged him to fuck my little pussy, which he did, his dick hurt when he pushed it in, after a minute or so he was as deep in my pussy as he could be, I made him pull out and got on my hands and knees presented my little love box to him, he slid inside me and I started having a major orgasm, my pussy gripped down on his big dick I knew he was about to cum, I told him to cum in my pussy, buried his cock in me and started grunting hard and I felt a explosion inside my little c**t that felt like my pussy was being filled with a lot of cum, when I stood up I was dripping like a leaky faucet, I left a trail all the way to the bathroom, sat on the toilet and it felt like I was peeing but it just his cum flowing from my pussy. We fucked a lot that week and long after that too. After that I never messed with guys my age, they had to be at least 10 years older than me.

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    An interesting little fantasy story.
    7 days ago

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