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    A little secret from our past.

    A friend once confessed to me that his favorite fantasy was to, with permission, fuck another manâs wife and then send her back to him ânaked and wet.â Her loins covered with the evidence of his passion. I mentioned this to my wife and was a little surprised by her bemused reaction. This emboldened me to suggest that we can make his fantasy real by letting him do it to us. She liked the idea. She thought about it and found it exciting to be used in such a way. To be fucked by another man and then displayed to her husband as his trophy. We arranged a sleepover at his house. After we turned in my wife dutifully left me, went to our friendâs room, and offered herself to him. As time passed, I pictured in my mind what was most likely happening in the next room. When she returned it was obvious that the picture in my mind was correct and it was intensely erotic to see her naked, with her inner thighs and pubic hair glistening. He had pleasured himself with my wifeâs body and left his mark as proof. He was very grateful that we had given him a chance to live his fantasy. The pleasure was all ours.

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    h******/ hl01
    7 days ago
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    This is so fucking hot. My husband is sadly not Into sharing me. So I cheated on him last summer. He got sloppy seconds
    7 days ago
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    Wow! I canât help but think of how exciting it would be to see my wife, stripped of her clothing and presented to me as âanother manâs trophy.â
    5 days ago
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    #2, did you make a point of going straight home for your husband to fill your cheating c**t with his seed right after your lover left his deposit? Did your husband go down on you - even briefly before he stuck his cock in your sloppy pussy?
    1 day ago

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