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    I lived in Holland for seven years. During that time, I met a man where I worked, and we became good friends. Once, when I was visiting, I had the good fortune to meet his 54-year-old sister. Although I was at first surprised, I discovered that she was very chatty.

    One morning, two weeks later, I went to his house again. His sister let me in. She told me that her brother had gone to visit his mother for a few hours. I was soon to discover that his sister, who called herself Sister Maria, was not a virgin. To my surprise, she started telling me about her having had sex with several priests, and having another nun as her lover.

    To cut my story short, Sister Maria and I had four wonderful fucks on her brother's bed. She was a fantastic cock-sucker, and had me up and hard several times so that we could resume our fucking.

    That was the only time I fucked a nun, but I'd gladly fuck another if the chance came along.

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    My sister became a nun, though she has never told me why. We fuck on the rare occasions that she is able to visit me. We had often fucked each other before she became a nun, and I really miss not having her around.
    7 days ago

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