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    Bi-Sexual Female / 27

    I was a sweet goody goody in high school. Straight aâs, never got into trouble and waited till my senior year to let my bf make love to me. I was on the pill and since we were virgins no chance of disease or babies. He with my permission barebacked and cream pied me. I may be a goody at school but I still madturbated to porn like everyone else and cream pie was my favorite. Hentai and g on g were also my go tos.
    I found out about âfree useâ from a tumblr and the stories/pics/gifs/videos for me beyond hot and bothered.
    Well turns out that lying sack of shit gave me gonorrhea!
    I found out later heâd been screwing a cheerleader and her bf. Part of that thought turned me on. Thinking of my muscle heavy boy fucking another boy and using him like a cum rag while his gf fingered herself watching but sadly lying and giving me my first std the first time is a deal breaker.
    After that I got a little slutty I mean it was my last year here may as well learn. The girls were more fun and I learned about my body while playing with theirs.
    I graduated high school and had fucked four guys and three girls. Off to college I went. Something happened at the office and I ended up with three boys in my dorm. Honestly I didnât care we all had separate rooms with a common area and little kitchen.
    The boys were all cute in their various ways. A stoner with amazing hair down to his ass, an athlete cocky bitch but goood body and kissser, and the business boy. Ohh the last dear lord I now really understand the lyrics of a sharp dressed man.
    Well stoner boy walked in on my going to town on myself while watching porn. My back was to the door so I donât know how long he watched before getting the nerve to touch my shoulder.
    âWant me to help?â
    â Fuck!â
    Well hurrying this we helped each other his dick was alright but duck I loved playing with his hair as he ate my peach. A nice little friends with benefits happened. Weâd smoke and fuck.
    Later he read my diary the sneaky shot. It had stories and erontica Iâd written. Mainly with me being a slut house girl free to use you know the type. Well he talks to the other two and they sat me down while we were drinking and smoking and offered to make this a reality.
    I was mortified, angry and soaking my panties.
    They were to prove they were clean and so on.
    I was responsible for keeping the place clean and theyâd pay for everything food, rent, gas, booze and the like.
    They took advantage of my d sat parking pussy all three used me right there in the common area. Other stipulations came up later like I was to wear little skirts and no top or underwear.
    Iâd wake up in the morning with a dick in my c**t or mouth.
    When Iâd step into the shower one of them would follow and fuck me there too. If they did that they knew they were responsible for shaving me.
    Business boy really liked doing this. I liked him doing it he was a perfectionist. He really liked it so much so heâd do I more. Gave me facials(yes both kinds), my makeup, hair, nails it was a fucking dream.
    He was the first to play with my butt. He had always removed the hair but one day he asked if he could do more. I was curious being on the rag I wasnât getting my normal release so heâll why not. He was so gentle and explained everything as he went. He showed me how to clean out the inside, finger, rimmed me, showed and bought me some plugs. I was so in. Reminded me of the hentai and dping Iâd been into.
    This went on for the whole semester. If I was home and awake they could use the could word and use me. It was amazing as you can imagine it became a sport when the had guests over.

    My favorite though was one evening I had a female class mate over and we were studying in the common room seated at the bar. Seated on our stools the athlete came in drunk no surprise there and said the code word. Without thinking or breaking our conversation I scootched my ass over the seats edge. He walked up dropped his pants and spit on his hand to slick me up. Was really necessary. The code word had a Pavlovian effect on my. He just fucked me right there dropping a load into me. I moaned a bit but he never got me off without a toy so I normally just a cum dump for him. Totally fine with me I love being his slut flesh light. The girl was shocked and couldnât study. His load was dripping out of me.
    âHow often does that happen?â
    âWhat, Ohh oluhh when ever they wantâ
    âThey tape your when they want?â
    âWhat?! No they have my permission.â
    W ent on to explain to her what was happening and the free use life style.
    She got so turned on and man it had been a minute since I got properly fucked. She was amazing. Took care of my needs it was a dream.
    Business boy walked in on us says the phrase while she was eating me out. I went to present myself as I was to but she gripped me hard not letting me move. Instead she spread her cheeks. He did think twice and was fucking her into me. The scene made me squirt for the first time. She ended up moving into my room and we were shared. Sluts of a feather whom fuck together.
    God I miss them. My boring married life is so unsatisfying. Think I should share this story with my husband?
    Iâve cheated on him with a few women now. I donât know what to do. I feel trapped and horny all the tine.

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