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    Straight Female / 36

    Canât believe we didnât get caught.

    Iâve been a naughty wife fucking our neighbors son regularly.
    When my husband heads to work early to go to the gym first David sneaks over and fucks me.
    This particular morning David was pounding me and I was about to cum when I heard my husbands car lock you know the beep.
    I through David off and told him to hide under the bed. I grabbed my toys and started fucking myself. My husband walked in ruining my orgasm yet again. I was on the edge quivering. He walked in stinking of the gym fuck it turns me on. I know itâs gross but everyone has their thing right. He dropped to his knees and put his mouth on my c**t and started eating me out. My head was spinning.
    My husband was eating my freshly fucked hole. Trembling he brought me over the edge I was just letting it al out. He dropped his sweats and freeing his cock I swear it was bigger than normal. He face fucked me I was getting all the stink I was in heaven. He picked me up flipped me over and slammed into he didnât last long it had been a while due to life. He blew his load in me. Kissed me showered. As he left he said he needs to come home after the gym more often. I could just agree and. He fingered me for a moment as we made out but I knew he had to leave. I wanted his cock in me again. I even begged something I never do. He was getting hard again I could see. He kissed me and headed out the door licking his fingers. I heard him pull away.
    David whom Iâd forgotten about came out stroking.
    âFuck that was hot. Can I have sloppy.... thirds I guess?â
    I just spread legs and he fucked me into oblivion.
    I fucking hope this happens again.
    When my husband returned from work I was still in bed and cum filled.
    Heâs eaten his cum out of me before and just went down on me. And fucked me again.

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    You two both are very sexual people ,I wish this was going on at my house....
    Nd getting to eat three loads ,my cock just got hard thinking about it
    4 days ago

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