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    After my husband died I decided to take a trip. Another friend recommended this tour company for well to do people and I signed up for trip of a lifetime. The trip was composed mostly of couples, not all them first husband/wife couples but there were not single men on this trip. Lady X felt sorry for me and invited me to have dinner with her and her husband. We talked and talked and got along, her husband basically kept quiet and let us talk. One night in the middle of dinner she told me about his habits, and one day she was going to slap him back if he slapped her naked ass again.

    Turns out that he liked to slap her naked ass, after she got out of the shower, after he got off of her, and sometimes he bent her over and pulled her pants down and slapped her naked ass. TMI, but it was something that was on her mind and she told me about it in front of him. She asked me if my husband had ever slapped me, slapped my bare as with his open hand until my ass stung. She asked if my husband had ever just bent me over and fucked me. No he had never done that. How about bending my head down on his dick and forced to swallow? No, nothing like that. Well, in that case she felt sorry for me.

    Her husband kept to himself while she talked, she kept looking at him as she told me this. She asked me if wanted a once over, shoved into the toad position, his hand up between my legs, his thumb in my hole and his index finger on my clit. A sure way to have an orgasm. If I wanted an orgasm she would do it to me, if I wanted a man her husband would take my pussy and screw me and I would get hard fucked and she would eat me out when he was done. She had my hands in her hands and she asked me if I was wet because she was wet just thinking about eating my pussy.

    The toad position was new to me, her thumb deep in my vagina rubbing against my G spot and her index finger rubbing my clit telling me not be embarrassed to ask for dick. An orgasm ran through me and she told me to get on my back and she grabbed my by the c**t and sucked hard on my tit and then straddled me and rubbed her pussy in my face until she had an orgasm of her own.

    She kept me naked, held down my face between her tits so my ass was up high and I felt his hand slap my ass, his thumb went up my back hole and then he took me by the hips and ran his dick up into me and fucked me until he emptied himself inside. With my pussy still wet from the fucking and his milk eeking out of my pussy she went to work with her mouth using her thumbs to agitate my clit until I went into an orgasm that made me tremble and cry.

    Laying exhausted on our backs she suggested that we suck on his dick and then kiss.

    They were used to finding a woman to share, I wasn't but it had been a while since my husband had died and to be truthful he was never one of those men that thought it appropriate to just have sex for my pleasure. Once he was done, he was over and asleep.

    I like the toad position, with a man's hand up under me whether or not he has a finger or two up my hole, it just feels good to have a man treat me to an orgasm for my pleasure, he can fuck me all he wants after than. I haven't met a woman that wants to play, my friends are just not that type. I would love to eat pussy again, with a dick inside of me, I would love to be kissed by a man with a woman beneath me eating my pussy, I would love to kiss a woman again and have his hand slap my ass again, or to just get fucked like I was on my mourning trip after my husband died.

    I am a florist and to be frank, it is hard meeting men who wants to fuck, and I haven't met a woman who wants me to play with her tits. I am perpetually horny, I need a man, I need a dick in my mouth and I need to be slapped around.

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    Life for women would be so wonderful if they could let go of their inhibitions
    And enjoy all of the pleasure theirs bodies have to offer, you have tasted pure pleasure, nothing dirty about it, just relaxing amazing pleasures, I wish my wife could find that spot in life, you were blessed to find these friends
    16 hours ago

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