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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    From a very early age I discovered my dads girly magazines, I started playing with myself after I was coming back from a walk in the woods to a local pond and on the trail meet an older boy from our street, we talked a moment, I was about 10 and he was maybe 17... I donât remember how we got to the point were he pull his cock out ,but he did,
    He ask if I wanted to touch it? I did and it felt nice, much better than my small cock...

    I got scared and went home, but it started something in me, I would look at dads mags and play other myself,
    While camping in the back yard with two other friends I snuck two of dads mags out to the tent , and you know we all had to look at them, I got to see two more cocks that night, but still no play.

    Then I got to explore just a little with my cousin and touched my first un-cut cock as well as got tho taste my first cock ummmmm

    By the age of 14 I had a few more chances ,my dad was devoted from mom and he was dating a nice lady with an only teenaged son 17 yo, we looked at dads mags and I really got a good look at a nice bigger cock but he wouldnât let me suck it but I ask him to let me!!,

    Then my best friend and I were fooling around and during some changing cloths he taunted me with a really beautiful cock, really nice cock, he was a small guy with a huge cock, and I was to shy but really wanted his cocktail, again
    I was not given what I needed!!!

    It wasnât till I was 18 that I found my way into an adult book store and men would suck my cock that I came in contact with other men with gay sex on their minds, but I was still to shy to get cocky myself...

    Final ly one day a black man made me please him and he took me from the ABS to a motel and I got my chance to suck and take his nice black cock in my holes????

    Iâm , married, sr8 acting ,masculine, and would love to serve a big cock even today, I think Iâm addicted ð

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    Yep sucking is very addicting. After you do it, you feel guilty and say you will never do it again. Then you get horny and end up sucking again. Each time gets easy and you crave it. I am bisexual love pussy as well as cock. I am very str8 acting out in public but behind closed doors am a cock lover.
    4 days ago
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    I feel the same way, I love womenâs bodyâs, ...I love eating pussy, I have even started eating my wife after I cum in her, when she doesnât stop me ..telling me she is too sensitive

    I have decided I like the taste of both juices missed together

    I wish she would let another man fuck her and me enjoy all the sex that comes from that

    I would be great at it, sucking dick, eating pussy, taking his big back too

    I love shooting my load in her but I think if given the chance I had rather be a bi cuckold to both man and women
    2 days ago

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