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    Bi-Sexual Male / 49

    I’ve only been embarrassed one time in my life sexually !

    When I was in my late twenties , married ,str8 to all that know me but bisexual in reality...

    I met a nice black guy a little older than me, he was my first black man and the first man to take my ass.
    Some time after that I meet him again in the Adult book store booths ,he didn’t recognize me and I never told him that he took my cherry!

    After we reconnected I started going by his home were he had a roommate ,one day he was pounding me so good, my cum was boiling in my big balls, my cock was just about to explode, he had my knees over his shoulders and was ready to explode with the door opened to the bedroom and his roommate yelled out, OMG and ran out of the house!!

    I was driving my wife’s car and it was parked on the street, my first thoughts went to the car, either him getting her tag number or doing damage to her car, my friend just shrugged his shoulders and fucked me harder, we both came so hard!!!!

    I never meet with him again but it was exciting, scary ,hot, embarrassing and an amazing orgasm all wrapped into one 😀😀😀🙀🙀🠙€ðŸ™€

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