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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 20

    I went to live with my aunt when I was 10, my 2 male cousins were twins Dan and Tim (14). After I had been there about a week they started touching my butt and would pinch my nipples, I kinda liked it. One day I was changing my clothes to put on my swimsuit when they came in my room, I covered up my naked body, they said I didn’t have anything they haven’t already seen, I was still embarrassed. Dan asked if I wanted to hang out with them in their secret clubhouse, I said I guess so, I went ahead and put my swimsuit on while they watched, I put my shorts on and we headed to the clubhouse. When we got there Tim pulled out his cellphone and showed me a video of a girl sucking a penis, I was getting scared and told them I wanted to leave, Dan told me to take off my clothes, I did as he said. I was standing there naked and Dan started rubbing my pussy area, it was tingling and I felt scared and excited, he took his clothes off and had me sit in a chair with my legs spread open. His dick was hard , it reminded me of a jumbo hotdog, he said to open my mouth, I didn’t try to refuse, I opened my mouth and he put his dick in it, I naturally closed my lips around it and just held it in my mouth, Tim got naked to started stroking himself, he said suck Dan like I was sucking a popsicle, I did and he grabbed me by my head and started pumping his dick in my mouth, after a minute or so he cum in my mouth and said I had to swallow it, I did and I actually liked it, Tim said my turn, and this time I was enjoying my little mouth being used by them, after he came we sat there and talked about what had just happened and said I couldn’t tell anybody or they would send me away. Dan asked me if I wanted to suck him again and I said yes, this time they had me lay on a table with my head turned, as Dan put his dick in my mouth I felt Tim playing with my pussy, he slid his finger in me , it hurt a little but felt good too, next I felt his dick rubbing my wet slit and he pushed it in me hard, I tried to scream but it was muffled by the dick in my mouth, I was crying now and he was fucking me hard then I felt him cum inside me, Dan pulled his dick out of my mouth, Tim’s dick was covered in blood, I’m still crying and Dan plunged his dick in me , I just laid there and let him finish. After that they both fucked my ass. This happened several times a week and after a while I was loving it. About a year later I was going through puberty and we knew I might get pregnant, so I asked my aunt to get me on birth control, she did no questions asked. I let Tim and Dan invite a friend to fuck me, he was 16 and had a much bigger dick, they took turns fucking me in every hole, I took a total of 8 loads of cum in my ass mouth and pussy that day. A few months later Tim and Dan was caught r****g a young girl and went to juvenile prison, I never said a word of what they had done to me, I lived with my aunt until I turned 18, then I join the army and haven’t spoken to her since.

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    There have been 10 years since your cousins were sent off for r**e if I read your story right. Have they gotten out of prison? Have you seen them? Fucked them?
    1 day ago
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    Did you remain sexually active after your cousins were convicted? Did you have any more gang scenes after they left? Have you wanted to?
    1 day ago

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