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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 32

    I had sex with my wifes cousin during our family vacation.

    So we're staying at this vacation resort. I spend my time relaxing by the pool. My wifes cousin comes by in her bikini. She has a great body with full breasts and an ass to boot. She's 24 years old and knows how to "do her thing".

    She gives me this weird look before jumping in the pool. She swims about and tries to catch my attention. I try to avoid eyecontact, however it is hard not to look at her wet body.

    Later that evening, after finishing dinner, i retire to a private spa. I deside to sit naked in the spa. After some time the cousin walks in only wearing a towel. She drops it and shows me her naked body. My cock responds immediadly. We start rubbing and grinding, until i am fucking her tight pussy right there in the spa.

    Next day we carry on as if nothing happend.

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